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Tuesday, October 20

Door and 50/50 and Clock

Date              Time       Door and 50/50                Clock and Sheet

Friday Oct-23      7:00pm     Aitken                                     Chudley and Clyne

Sunday Oct-25     2:00pm     Tilbury                                    Sambrook and Shearer

Tuesday Nov-10     7:30pm     Cuny                                       Clyne and Maddess

Sunday Nov-15      2:15pm      Cooke                                      McConnell and Roberts

SaturdayNov-21    7:00pm     Franklin                                   Fortin and Green

SaturdayDec-05    6:00pm                                                   Kozak and King

Sunday Dec-06      2:00pm                                                   Gudnason and Tilbury

Sunday Dec-13       2:00pm    Clyne                                      Chudley and Aitken

SaturdayDec-19     7:30pm     Roberts                                 Sambrook and Shearer

Tuesday Dec-22     7:30pm     Cuny                                      Cooke and Fortin

Friday Jan-15        7:00pm     Kozak                                    Maddess and McConnell

SaturdayJan-16     7:00pm                                                  Franklin and Gudnason

Friday Jan-29       7:00pm     King                                      Tilbury and Shearer

SaturdayJan-30    7:00pm     Chudley                                 Aitken and Clyne

Sunday Feb-07      2:00pm     Sambrook                              Roberts and McConnell

SaturdayFeb-13    7:00pm      Cuny                                     Cooke and Franklin

Sunday Feb-14      2:00pm      Maddess                               Kozak and King

Friday Feb-19       7:00pm     Gudnason                               Fortin and Green


Door and 50/50 workers to be at game 2 hours prior to start time. If you cannot work your shift it is up to you to find your own replacement