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Monday, October 28
Regina Bound

Bantam Cougars are on the road to the Graham Tuer Tournament in Regina.  Two games on Thursday & Friday.  October 31 at 11:15 am against Moose Jaw and 6:00 pm vs Foxes.  Friday November 1 at 9:00 am vs Outlaws and 3:45 pm vs Prince Albert.  Playoff round will depend how the team plays in those four games.  Follow them at


Friday, August 30
Coaching Announcement
Head Coach Dustin Howden and Assistant Coach Shayne Skeoch are very pleased to announce and welcome Assistant Coach Justin Perreaux to the AAA Bantam Cougars.  Justin joins the club as an Assistant Coach for the 2013-2014 Season.   Justin is a Cougar Alumni playing two season's with the Midget Cougars before he had stops in the SJHL with the Kindersley Clippers and in the MJHL with the Portage Terriers.  Welcome to teh Coaching Staff Justin!

Friday, August 30
Baby Announcement
In other exciting news, the Cougar Family would like to congratulate Assistant Coach Shayne Skeoch and his wife Brett on the announcement of their new addition.  The future hockey player is due to make his/her appearance in mid February.  Congratulations Brett & Shayne!

Sunday, October 20

Time Keeper and Scoresheet for Home Games 50/50 Tickets and Draw Board for Home Games
Date                     Team      Game Time   Time Keeper              Scoresheet               50/50                       Draw

exhibition 27-Sep Brandon 7:30              Robin Patmore           Floyd Weatherbie     Linda Patmore          Melisa Weatherbie

Game 1                                                     Darren Rutherford    Jason Rommelaere    Corrine Rutherford  Roxy Anderson

Game 2                                                    John Dalgleish           Jason Sherlink          Sandra Couling         Lori Rommelaere

Game 3                                                    Jay Hobbs                 Scott Park                 Belinda Hobbs          Donna Park

Game 4                                                    Cory Hilhorst             Jason Sherlink          Lori Rommelaere       Erica Hilhorst

Game 5                                                    Scott Sambrook        Sampson                    Sambrook                 Val Thompson

Game 6                                                    Ning Chen                  Glen King                   Mrs King                   Jen Chen

Game 7                                                    Sean Mccorrister       Don Lee                     Nicole Mccorister      Carla Lee

Game 8                                                    Art Pohl                     Rob Wytnick              Michelle Wytnick       Wendy Pohl

Game 9                                                    Robin Patmore            Ning Chen                 Linda Patmore          Liza Park

Game 10                                                  Darren Rutherford       Scott Park                Corrine Rutherford     Donna Park

Game 11                                                  John Dalgleish            Jason Rommelaere   Sandra Couling         Roxy Anderson

Game 12                                                  Jay Hobbs                  Scott Sambrook        Sambrook                 Belinda Hobbs

Game 13                                                  Art Pohl                      Floyd Weatherbie     Melisa Weatherbie    Wendy Pohl

Game 14                                                 Sean Mccorrister        Cory Hilhorst             Erica Hilhorst           Nicole Mccorister

Game 15                                                  Rob Wytnick               Don Lee                     Carla Lee                   Liza Park

Game 16                                                  Sampson                     Glen King                   Jen Chen                   Mrs King