South Valley Little League: Reading for Parents/Spectators


Dear South Valley Little League Families,

Welcome  - to South Valley Little League. We hope you will find Little League to be a rewarding experience for your family.

Experience tells us that the children who succeed in Little League are those whose parent(s), grandparent(s), foster parent(s), etc., take the time to learn about the organization and participate in activities throughout the season. For that reason, we consider South Valley Little League to be a family organization operated solely by volunteers with one common focus "the kids".

This site was designed to give you a basic understanding of YOUR Little League Organization, and inform you of some basic guidelines your program operates under and our expectations of your family. We hope, for your child's sake, that you will take the time to familiarize yourself with our guidelines before the season begins.

At any time if you have questions, suggestions, or concerns, we encourage you to talk with the Player Agent for your child's division, or a member of the Board of Directors.

    Your South Valley VOLUNTEER "Leadership"


 Guidlines, Rules & Responsibilities for Parents



Be Informed:

It is every parent’s responsibility to become informed by reading the Zero Tolerance Policy and Local Rules as well as Manager and Coaches expectations set forth throughout practices and games.


SVLL always seeks to keep registration fees at a minimum. To do this and still meet our operating expenses, funds are raised through a variety of means. Individuals and/or businesses may sponsor the league at various levels to include team sponsorship. Specific fundraising events are also scheduled through the year. Parent and players are expected to participate in the main fundraiser each season. Tho we will not turn a child away for lack of funds, we hope all will take part in local fundraiser to help our financial picture. Parents will also be given an option of making a specified contribution in lieu of participating in the fundraiser. Financial donations and much-needed gifts of material and time are greatly appreciated! If you know of a business or organization that has the capability making a donation, please visit with them and see what they would be willing to donate. It’s a tax deductible contribution as we are registered with the State of Oregon and the Federal Government as a legitimate non-profit organization. Your assistance in this area is very much appreciated!


League Workdays:

Everyone involved with SVLL is encouraged to attend one or all of our field crew workdays. Dates will be announced either prior to or at the Managers and Coaches Meeting at the beginning of the each season - and will be posted here on our "Calendar Link." A sufficient number of people are needed to do many of the basic field maintenance tasks, which must be done before the season begins. Workdays are actually a lot of fun and a great way to get acquainted with other Little League families.


Parents are expected to arrange transportation so their children arrive in a timely fashion and are present at all games and practices. Managers and Coaches are not expected to provide transportation for their players.


Safety is a major priority of SVLL. To run a safe program, parents must supervise their children. We expect parents to be at practices and games as much as is possible. When several children in a family are involved in the League, it is sometimes impossible for a parent to be present at all practices and games. At such times, it is expected that the parent will arrange for another responsible adult to take over the supervision of their child. This may be another parent or coach but no child should ever be left at any Little League activity until arrangements for supervision have been made. Parents should know where their children are at all times. Do not allow children to play under the bleachers or on equipment. Be aware of danger from foul balls. Make sure your child knows and follows our Code of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policy. Be sure to SUPERVISE any child you bring with you that is not part of the game to be sure they are within your vision and safe!


Always notify your child’s team Manager or Coach if a practice or game will be missed. The manager will expect your child to be present and in a timely manner unless they hear otherwise. Managers are expected to inform opposing teams and umpires when sufficient players will not be present. They are not able to do this if you have not communicated. It is also helpful for team managers and coaches to understand how players may be responding to their role on the team. A parent can often give useful insights to help managers and coaches make the Little League experience a positive one. The communication chain of command for dealing with league issues goes from the team manager, to the Player Agent or Division Coordinator, and then to the SVLL Board. We encourage all communication to begin with the team manager. This includes communication about games that are rained out. Rainout information will be available - and the location of that information will be made available prior to the season starting up.

Medical Release:

The purpose of the medication information is to ensure that medical personnel have details of any medical problem which may interfere with or require the altering of emergency medical treatment should there be a medical emergency. SVLL Volunteers can not administer medication of any kind to include bee sting kits.

WARNING: Protective equipment cannot prevent all injuries a player might receive while participating in Baseball and Softball.

Refund Policy:

Requests for refunds must be made in writing and submitted to SVLL c/o Treasurer, PO Box 1468, Cottage Grove, OR 97424. Regardless of a player(s) non-participation in player evaluations and practices, the maximum refund given will be 50% of registration fees up until the first week of practice. There are no refunds after practice begins. Extenuating circumstances can be submitted in writing with the appropriate documentation (i.e. doctor’s note, proof of address change, etc.) Refunds will be reviewed by SVLL Board based on each families personal circumstance. Refunds will be processed within 2 weeks from submitting requests.


Team Volunteers:

SVLL is a 100% volunteer program. It has been proven each season that the teams who have the most involvement from each player's families are the teams who have the best Little League experience regardless of their win/loss record. Besides serving as a board member, the following volunteers are needed on each team:

(1) a field crew from home team must line the infield, set up bases, and do any needed field prep before each game;

(2) a field crew from the visiting team must remove the bases, pick up trash and rake the infield following the game.

(3) The Team Parent is a required coordinator for each team. This individual helps the manager coordinates various functions of the team off the field. Neither the manager nor coach should be making all the calls, scheduling all the treats, preparing for an after-season get-together or handling the fundraiser. Their task is already assigned — to prepare and run practices and games.

(4) A Team Scorekeeper is required to be supplied by the home team for Minor Player Pitch, Major, and Junior divisions of Baseball and Softball. SVLL and/or Oregon District 9 provides annual training for all who volunteer for this position. Regardless of how many years experience you have as a scorekeeper, attendance is mandatory as updates and new rules are covered.

(5) UMPIRES are an essential part of the game and the goal is that each team have a Team Umpire - in Coach Pitch, Minor, Major and Junior Division Baseball and Softball teams. For most seasons, unfortunately, due to a lack of volunteer umpires, teams in these divisions are responsible for providing their own umpires. The home team will be responsible for providing a home plate umpire and the visiting team will be responsible for providing a field umpire. SOME umpire training is free and available through SVLL or District 9. Additionally, opportunities for more in-depth training are provided thru the District website. Basic umpire gear may be checked out from the Equipment Manager.

(6) Managers and Coaches are needed before a team can be organized. Anyone volunteering to manage or coach a team must complete a volunteer application, pass a background check, attend at least one clinic sponsored by SVLL or District 9, and be appointed by the President - and approved by the SVLL Board of Directors.


Who do I call if .....?

If you have a question, concern, suggestion, etc., please call the League President's phone line unless you are provided a different number prior to or during the season. The voice mail is checked throughout each day and late each evening (less frequently during the off-season). Your call will be returned within a 24 hour time period by the appropriate officer, sooner if considered an emergency. You may also talk to the manager and/or coach on your player’s team. Normally, this is the first person to talk to in an effort to resolve the problem. If the problem is with the manager/coach, and the problem remains unresolved, then the player agent should be contacted. Their contact information is in the "board" link. The job of the player agent is to try to work out problems between a manager or coach and a player. The person above the player agent to contact when the player agent cannot help is the President. Ultimately, the Board of Directors is the last resort. It's important the board be given an opportunity to "fix a problem" as quickly as possible. Please do not expect them to resolve issues from prior seasons.  




Please drive cautiously in the school roadways and parking lots! Park only in designated areas, and leave all safety lanes open for emergency vehicles. There are a large volume of vehicles, so we ask that you park in such a way as to allow the maximum number of vehicles to fit into the area. Vehicles parked in undesignated area, or in safety lanes may be towed away. Speed limit is 5mph in roadways and parking lots while attending any SVLL activity. Always be alert for small children around parked cars. No playing in parking lots at any time.


Per the Cottage Grove City Ordinance, Pets are permitted if on a leash at all times and their waste is disposed of properly. Banned Items: All alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are banned at all SVLL activities, practice and game fields, and any school district property. These products are also banned when working with SVLL players in any official capacity. It is emphasized that we are all role-modeling how we believe the children should grow. No alcohol or tobacco at league meetings or events.


No playing on or around lawn and/or field equipment. No playing catch or swinging bats at any time within the walkways or common areas of the fields. Failure to comply with the above may result in expulsion from a SVLL activity.


Tee-Ball will be supplied a shirt and hat. Please do NOT bring your child out in baseball/softball pants. We are striving to keep our fees to a minimum and if we are not providing baseball pants to all players, no player should be in baseball pants. For Minors, the league will be providing a shirt and a hat. For Majors and Juniors, will provide a full-uniform. The Majors and Junior uniforms are the property of the league and must be returned to the league at the end of the season, through the Manager to the Equipment/Uniform Rep. Uniforms are only those purchased BY THE LEAGUE BOARD - and must be consistent for every player on the team, and across their specific Division. Players will not be allowed to practice or play in blood stained clothing as a safety precaution. For this reason, parents are encouraged to see that their child has a spare change of clothes. These do not have to match the uniform. Parents are also expected to see that their children are properly attired for weather conditions and that their sons (regardless of age) are equipped with an athletic supporter AND cup for all games and practices.


We understand that as summer draws closer, each family will begin to make vacation plans. SVLL asks each parent with a player age 9 and up to take the All-Star Season into consideration. The All-Star Tournament Season is "post-regular season" and includes baseball and softball teams which represent our league in tournament play against other leagues across District 9 - with the possibility of advancing to State and beyond. The divisions which have All-Star teams are 9&10 yr old Baseball and 9&10 yr old Softball, 10 & 11 yr old Baseball and 10 & 11 yr old Softball; Majors (ages 11-12) in Baseball and in Softball, and Juniors (ages 13-14) in Baseball and in Softball. Winners of the District tournaments go on to play in the Oregon State tournaments. Winners of the Oregon State tournaments for Baseball Majors, and Juniors go on to Regionals. If a Majors or Juniors team continues to advance that team will make it to the World Series. To qualify, players must have participated in at least 60% of the regular season games played by their regular season team. For tournament teams 9&10 and 10&11, players may be selected from Minor or Major Teams. For Majors, players must be selected from Majors; For Juniors - from Juniors. COMMITMENT FORMS WILL BE DISTRIBUTED EARLY IN THE SEASON AND ARE REQUIRED TO BE RETURNED WITHIN 5 DAYS (whether or not the player will be available.) Players on the All-Star teams must be available by mid-June to the end of August with 100% commitment to the team for practices and games. Should any All-Star team win the State tournament, the team members would need to be available for the Regionals with the possibility of World Series in August. Players are expected to be at all practices and all games, which will have priority over all other sports and activities, including camp. Four to six practices are held a week for one to three weeks before tournament play starts. As the regular Baseball and Softball Season progress each year, information becomes available and we will share this with you.




















































































Managers, Coaches, Parents - Please Read ... This pertains too each of us as role-models and not just as volunteers ...

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