South Valley Little League: League Boundaries

Saturday, January 22
Boundary Definition & Map of SVLL

Below is the most current boundary map for SVLL.  For reader's reference, the only revision(s) from the map previously shown (dated in February 2010) is specific to two other leagues in our district:  Sheldon LL (which expanded to take in a new housing development in Coburg Hills), and Thurston LL (which expanded to take in the boundaries of the now inactive Willamette Valley LL).  Our district map includes all leagues and thus requires an update with each approved revision.  Note/Reminder to league leadership:  The attached is an 'unsigned' map for league and website reference only.  It is not the authorized copy for duplication and use toward potential All Star certifications.  At that time, copies of the signed map are required as they are identical to what is on file with Headquarters.

Boundaries, from the northeast corner are as follows:

Note:  residences on the north side of Fox Hollow Road, Lorane Hwy, and Siuslaw River are included in Eugene LL's boundaries.

  • Juncture of I-5 and Dillard Road
  • West to Fox Hollow Road
  • Fox Hollow Road (changes to Lorane Hwy) to Wolf Creek Road, then south and southwest along Siuslaw River Road to Lane/Douglas Co. boundary at Siuslaw River.
  • Follow Lane/Douglas County line to Hwy 101 (including Reedsport). 
  • Follow Hwy 101 south to Saunders Lake
  • Follow imaginary line from Saunders Lake west (including Rice Hill) to west boundary of Willamette National Forest.
  • North on WNF boundary to imaginary meet with end of Harms Creek Road.
  • Follow imaginary line from that point to southeast corner of Cloverdale.
  • Cloverdale Road to crossing with Bear Creek, follow western tributary to meet at I-5.  (all residences in that area on both sides of Cloverdale Road are in South Valley's boundaries).
  • I-5 North to Dillard Road crossing.
League is determined by Street Address; approximate population in boundaries is 34,140.


Boundaries include all small side roads as they are either a dead-end or part of the community within the boundaries. Zip Codes and Approximate Populations are:

        Cloverdale (no zip) – uninc; no population recorded

     Cottage Grove/Saginaw (97424/97472) – 16531
     Creswell (97426) – 4650

        Culp Creek/ Disston (97427) – 381

        Curtin (97428) – 209

        Dorena (97434) – 357

        Drain/Anlauf (97435) – 2067

        Elkton (97436) – 845

        Lakeside (97449) – 1545

        Lorane (97451) – 389

        Reedsport (97467) – 5755

            * No participation at this time, but, as with other leagues having outlying areas, included for potential contact/interest.

        Scottsburg (97473) – 359

        Yoncalla/Rice Hill (97499/97472) – 1052


Boundary Map 01-20-2011 unsigned