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The 2014 Southtowns Pride

Top Row (left to right): Steven Mooney, Justin Wisniewski, Jordan Schindler, Alex Harvey, Jim LaPaglia, Matt Shalloe, Matt O'Brien

Bottom Row (left to right): Lucas Potter, Noah King, Dylan Fritz, Bryan Solinski, Connor McMillan







Saturday, March 22
WNY High School Team final results are in

Congratulations to Connor McMillan for making the Frontier Modified Baseball Team and Jordan Schindler for making the Gowanda Modified Baseball Team. That puts as at 9 players of the 2014 Pride playing ball for WNY High Schools in 2014!!!


Dylan Fritz and Steven Mooney will be playing for Canisius JV

Alex Harvey will be playing for CHSAT JV

Noah King and Justin Wisniewski will be playing for City Honors Varsity

Jim LaPaglia and Bryan Solinski will be playing for Frontier JV

Connor McMillan will be playing for Frontier Modified

Jordan Schindler will be playing for Gowanda Modified


Congratulations go out to all of you from Coach Eric and myself, all of our parents and your fellow Pride players. You guys will be playing in the neighborhood of 70 games this season between school and The Prides schedule.  Its a TON of baseball in WNY with our short season. I know all of you absolutely love this game - the next 5 months are going to be VERY busy for you guys - remember to prioritize things and budget your time wisely. I'm sure all of your school coaches join me in reminding you all that your school work comes FIRST!  Keep your grades up, study hard, and when its time to hit the field - get out there and enjoy every minute of it - play hard every single pitch and the rest will take care of itself. Always give 100%, play every game as if it were your last. I wish you all the very best this season and can not wait to see what the 12 of you do as a team together.



Wednesday, February 12
Pancake breakfast to benefit the Southtowns Pride

The Pride will be holding a pancake breakfast fundraiser on Sunday March 23rd from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. at Zebbs Grill in Orchard Park. The address is 3349 Southwestern Blvd, Orchard Park. You may contact any member of our team, or email us at to purchase a ticket good for one pancake breakfast for $6.00. We will also be running a gift basket raffle throughout breakfast - come on out and join us!

Sunday, March 2
Pride's offense hits its stride in first scrimmage

The Pride's offense kicked off the season Saturday night at the Wehrle Golf Dome with an impressive 18 run showing. 15 hits, 6 of them for extra bases - with a team batting avg. of .517, and an on base % of .758 . We've got a few things to go over but a solid showing both offensively and defensively. Offensively, Lucas Potter went 2 for 2 and Dylan Fritz, Alex Harvey, Justin Wisniewski, and Matt O'Brien all went 2 for 3. On the defensive side of the ball, the pitchers stood out, consistantly pounding the strike zone all night long. Although each pitcher was only given an inning of work - as a staff, the Pride took down 9 batters in strike outs over 5 innings - Matt Shalloe getting 2 of them in a 1-2-3 3rd inning facing the heart of our oppenents lineup.