Southtowns High School Club Hockey League: Welcome

Sunday, June 29

To register with AAU: go to

The club code for AAU registration for the 2013-2014 season is WW366D.

AAU 2012 NYS Club School Revised By-Laws can be found on the "Handouts" page. 

USA Hockey Coaching Education Program Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the "Handouts" page. 

**IMPORTANT** Codes of Conduct for Coaches, Parents, and Players can be found on the "Handouts" page.

The New York State and Southtowns High School Club Hockey League Rules and By-Laws can be found on the "Handouts" page. 

AAU Consent to Treat, AAU Waiver, Team Roster, Roster form for the Super Sunday Program and NYSCSH State Credential forms can be found on the "Handouts" page. 

Varsity, JV, & Modified Suspensions can be found on the "My Site News" page.