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Play for FREE!!!

The Titans have partnered with Robinson High School this year to run their concession stand.  This gives us revenue throughout the year, but also is alot of work that requires volunteers.   Attached you will find the remaining home games for all sports for Robinson.  Hours worked during the RHS season, will assist you with your child's Titan registration requirements. 

If you are interested in finding out how your child can play for free, please contact Natasha Fitzgerald at or 813-857-1508.

Handout: RHS Home Sports Schedule

2013 Homecoming Results


More photos can be found under the "Albums" Tab.

2012 Homecoming Court
Animated Crown
Congratulations to our winners of this year's homecoming festivities and thank you to everyone that participated.

2012 Homecoming Court

What to do if there is bad weather before practice...
colored flags
If it looks like there is bad weather approaching or it is raining when it's time to go to practice, please go to the field and do not call your coach.  It is not possible for coaches to determine the weather pattern, make a decision and contact all of their parents before 6:00pm.  Many coaches are coming from work in other areas that might not have the same weather.

We have a flag system for parents to determine if practice is still on when they arrive at the field.  The flags will be on or near the basketball court.

A green flag means practice is still on.

A yellow flag means to wait a few minutes because the inclement weather is expected to pass.

A red flag means you can leave because practice has been canceled.

Do not just assume that if it's raining, there will be no practice.  If it is not a heavy rain and there is no lightening, the football players will normally practice.  They would have to play a game in the same weather. 

Friday will be used as our make-up practice day if other days during the week get rained out.

In addition, our policy on what to do if it starts lightning while we are at the field is attached.

Handout: Weather Policy

Titans Mailing Address
P.O. Box 13377   Tampa, FL 33681

Park Sign
Practice and Game Locations

We practice at Skyview Park, located at 6203 S. Martindale Avenue.  This park is off Interbay Boulevard next to the Interbay Meat Market (aka "The Green Store").

All of our home games are at Robinson High School.  6311 S. Lois Avenue, Tampa 33616.

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