Southside Little League: League History Celebrating 50 years

History of Southside Little League



In 1939, Carl Stotz envisioned a baseball Little League program to give his young nephews an opportunity to play the sport they loved but were too young to participate. Through his dedication to the youngsters in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the Little League Baseball Program founded. It wasn’t long before the Little League program began to grow.


Our local Southside Little League of today began in the late fifties and was originally comprised of three leagues, Optimist Western Little League, Broadview Park Little League and Sunset Little League. In 1957, Optimist Western became a chartered Little League playing mainly at Westwood Heights. In 1959, Broadview Park Little League was charted, playing mainly at Southwest Park (now know as Sunview Park). When Sunset Little League started, they played mainly at Sunset School. Their first year of operation is not known at this time, but we know they were definitely playing by 1960. At this time, all three leagues were all part of District 7 in Florida.


Optimist Western was the District 7 Champs in 1959.  They lost by one run in the quarterfinals, to Fort Myers Little League, in the Florida State Tournament.


In 1962 Optimist Western Little League changed their name to Western Little League

1963 Broadview Champs
1963 Broadview Park Little League Champs

In1965-1966 there was such a rise in Little League Organizations operating throughout Broward County that Little League assigned the county its own District. Broward County Little Leaguers then became District 10.  


Western Little League became the first District 10 Champs in 1966, but lost in the Bi-District Tournament to North Dade Optimist Little League.

In 1967, Sunset Little League was the District 10 Champs. At the Bi-State Tournament, in the Semifinals, Sunset Little League lost by a score of 2-0 to Lake Worth National Little League.

Broadview Park Little League was the District 10 Champs in 1969. During the Bi-State Tournament, Broadview Park Little League made it all the way to the Championship game, where they lost 5-1 to Azalea Park Little League.

In 1970, Western Little League was the District 10 Champs. Western Little League lost by the score of 2-0 to Carol City Little League in the Semifinals at the Bi-State Tournament.

Broadview Park Little League changed its name to Southwest Little League in 1972.


In 1974, Western Little League was the District 10 Champs. Jacksonville San Mateo Little League beat Western Little League in the Quarterfinals, with a score of 4-0.


In the early 1970’s Little League grow so large in the state of Florida, the state was divided into Sections. In 1975, the first Sectional Tournaments were held.


We have no available data about how the 1979 District 10 Champions, Western Little League, did at the Sectionals Tournament.

1982 Southwest LL Minors Black
1982 Southwest Little League Minors Black Team

1984 Southwest LL Umpires
1984 Southwest Little League Umpires

Dick Keating                                                                            Jerry Tyrrell                                                                      Mike Galiano

Tom Owens                                                                              George Tagg                                                                      Jim Urbanzyck

Western Little League and Sunset Little League merged in 1986 and were charted as Southern Little League


1990 Southern Umpires
1990 Southern Little League Umpires

                            Lane Dodge                                                              Bob Twist                           Leon Mears                                           George Deam                                                      Kenny Nail

           Mike Dodge                                       John Stewart                                                               Don Hoops               George Dennis                                                        Johnny Nail 

                                  Silvio Russo                                            Mark Trissel                                                      Jerry Reid                                                      Gary Inman

In 1991, Southwest Little League and Southern Little League merged and were charted as what is now Southside Little League.


Broward County was split in to two Districts in 1999. As a result, Southside Little League became and remains today part of District 21.


In 2005, Southside Little League was the District 21 Champs. At Sectionals, Southside Little League played in a Round Robin Tournament against North Springs Little League and Liberty City Optimist Club Little League. Southside Little League’s record was 0-2.


After a long road filled with memories for our areas youth, in 2008, Southside Little League celebrates 50 years as a chartered Little League.