: All Stars

SOIYS All-Stars
Article XII – All-Star Teams

SOIYS shall conclude its baseball season each year by participating in DYB tournament play as prescribed by the franchising corporation.

Player Selection: Each league will be supplied a ballot of all eligible players to be voted on by league managers.The ten players that receive the most votes will be selected to the All-Star team. A majority must be at least 1/2 of all votes to be selected. Example if 4 teams must get at least 2 votes, if 5 teams must get at least 3 votes to be selected. Any tied votes will have a vote off until 10 players are selected. If 10 players can not be selected with vote off then manager of all star team will get 3 player selections.

Manager Selection: All All-Star managers will be voted in by the league directors. In the event of a tie vote, a coin toss or drawing will be used.

Coaches Selection: Coaches will be selected by the All-Star team manager. Candidates may be chosen from any eligible coach/manager in SOIYS.

Eligible players: Players may only participate on a team of their age division. Example (1) A 10 year old playing up in the majors (11-12) is only eligible to play on the 10 yr old team. (2) A 9 year old is eligible to play on a team of his age division-AAA, either the 9 yr old team or the 10 yr old team.

Uniforms: All-star uniforms shall be the same for all leagues consisting of league, player number and Dixie Youth patch. All- star parent shirts shall be the same for all leagues.Uniforms for all-star teams shall be ordered by the uniform/equipment director and be board approved – no extra items shall be ordered through the league-additional shirts, hats, bat bags, etc. shall be ordered directly by the coaches and parents.


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