: Web Site Policy

Web Site Policy
Southport / Oak Island Dixie Youth League Website Use Policy

1. This site is designed as a source of information for the players, parents of players, managers, coaches, volunteers, and fans of the Southport / Oak Island Dixie Youth Baseball League.

2. There shall be no commercial use of this site is allowed unless endorsed by the Southport / Oak Island Dixie Youth Baseball League.

3. For the protection of the participants, the Southport / Oak Island Dixie Youth Baseball League site is divided into two types of areas:
   a) Public areas, which are accessible by the general public; and
   b) Limited-access areas, which are secured areas, accessible only by authorized coaches, players, coaches, and parents by entering a personal password.

4. Public areas may contain general information about the league, schedules, scores, standings, and events. Every effort will be made to protect the anonymity and privacy of league participants in public areas of the site. Therefore, public areas may not contain:
   a) Addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses of (minors) league participants without their (parents) explicit permission; or
   b) Recognizable photographs of participants.

5. Limited-access areas may contain information required for the smooth functioning and communication of the team. This may include:
   a) Team rosters, with names and contact information for coaches, players, volunteers and parents;
   b) Announcements about scheduled games and practices;
   c) Summaries and game results which describe team and individual achievements; and
   d) Photographs from game action and team activities, accompanied by captions.

6. At the request of a parent, player contact information may be withheld from even the limited-access areas of the site.

7. Any material which violates this policy should be reported to the web contact for corrective action.

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