: Game Cancellations


SOIYS Dixie Youth Baseball
Rainout Notification Procedures

On days when playing conditions are questionable, every attempt will be made to provide playability / rainout information on the Home Page of the SOIYS website, however, on some days, it may not be possible to get this info posted in a timely manner. Some cases may be a game time decision. 

If no notice appears on the website, assume that your game field is playable and that your game will be played as scheduled.


How to learn status of your game:

-  Check the website.

If no info is on the website:

-  League Directors:  League Directors will be notified regarding playing conditions  Many times, we do not have a definitive status until late in the afternoon.

-  Team Managers:  League Directors will notify team managers regarding playing conditions.

- Players/Parents: Team managers will notify players/parents regarding playing conditions.

If you are unable to obtain rainout info, plan on playing at your scheduled time.

When in doubt, SHOW UP

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