South Plantation Lady Paladins Basketball: Welcome

Tuesday, June 11
"Our goal is not winning.
 Its to play together and play hard.
Then, winning will take of itself."-Mike Krzyzewski
The Lady Paladin Basketball Program pride's itself on utilizing the game of basketball as an opportunity to teach young individuals many values as well as examples of life's lessons that are needed to become productive members of society, long after one's playing days are over.  In order to achieve this objective, we focus our attention on nurturing each indivudal player instead of directly focusing on winning games or championships.  We believe once each indivual is given the tools needed to succeed on the court, classroom, and in the community winning games and/or championships will happen on their own.
In order to complete this goal, it will take a collective effort and we ask for everyone to give a helping hand as much as possible. Self-sacrifice, discipline, and patience are the necessary components of great organizations as well as vital to enduring life's hardships. We will do what is necessary to ensure all players strive for excellence both on and off the basketball court.