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We have finally made it to the start of the Spring season.  Come out and join us for opening day celebrations today Saturday March 14th @ 9am.   We will have a very special guest, JOHNNY DAMON, MLB player who has played with the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays.  Johnny will be @ SOLL to greet the players and sign autographs in support of our leagu and our kids.  Be sure to stop by.



Thank you for your contribution to our community and let's "Play Ball" - Board of Directors


Watch Facebook and this site for weather related field status updates.


Greetings from Chris Carpenter, I’m the acting President of South Orange Little League.  On behalf of
myself and the rest of the Board of Directors, I want to welcome everyone to a new season of
baseball and softball.  I want to thank all of the parents for choosing South Orange Little League as the
organization to be a positive influence in your child’s life.  I want to thank the current board members
and those who served on past boards as well as past volunteers from concessions, coaches to umpires
who were never given any credit or recognized.  I want to thank all of the managers/coaches and
assistant coaches, team moms, umpires, and all other individuals who volunteer their time here at
the fields.  Most importantly, I want to thank all of the boys and girls who decided baseball or softball
would be their extracurricular activity this season.  It is my goal to make this season fun, positive, and a great
experience.  I want to inform those who do not know and reiterate it to those who already know that
may forget from time to time.  Everyone you see that is involved in the operation of the league are 
VOLUNTEERS.  Yes, all board members including myself are VOLUNTEERS.   Many of which have jobs/
careers outside of Little League.  Please keep this in mind if and when a situation arises that you may
not like or agree with.  Keep in mind that we cannot pay umpires.  Therefore, we really need people
to volunteer in this area big time.  Even if you have limited knowledge in this area, YOU CAN MAKE A
DIFFERENCE.  This goes for every aspect of the operation of this league.  Face your fears and overcome
them.  It is going to take everyone’s help, cooperation, and understanding to make this league not only
fun but successful.  One more reminder, even though we are competitive by nature, the Fall season is
supposed to be instructional.  Let’s not be too serious out there.  Let’s respect the umpires, coaches,
players, and ourselves.  Be that role model that our kids look up too. Remember that this isn’t my
league.     It is our League! 

We have posted a list of what or who we need as volunteers to make our league run smoothly 
(see the Volunteer section of this website])  All positions are available, including mine.



Not sure if you are within our boundary, check the SOLL Boundary Map



                                   A L E R T                                   

Please do not leave valuables or purses in unattended and in plain sight, even if they are locked in your vehicle or even for a just few moments.  They are an invitation for smash and grab thefts, which we have seen from time to time in the parking lots. 

We are still seeing these happen in our parking lot.  We have asked OC Sherriff to help patrol the parking lot and check vehicles to make sure they are locked and not open invitations to thieves. 

 Help us to ensure the next time is not you!  Thank you for your assistance.


The Orange County Staff would like to ask for your help to make the Ball Field area a safe place for you and your kids to enjoy the ball games.   Please observe the Field Rules posted at the entrance to the fields, at the concession stand and below.  We do not want to see an accident where a child is injured running in front of another child on a bike or scooter.  There are several parks in the area where children can enjoy  riding their bikes or scooters in a safe setting.


SOLL Field Rules

No pets allowed in the ball field area.
No Skateboards, Rollerblades or Bicycles
in the ball field area.
No smoking.
No profanity.
No Vehicles beyond posted points.
No Littering

Little League Pledge

I trust in God
I love my country
And will respect its laws
I will play fair
and strive to win
But win or lose,
I will always do my best

SOLL Sponsor

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