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1. Next dual meet: Away @ Salem on Tuesday, September 30 for DIVING portion only. SWIMMING portion will take place on Thursday, October 2 @ Salem.  

Dive parents - Due to the conflict with Oakland County Championships on Thursday October 2nd, the diving portion of the meet against Salem will be on Tuesday September 30th. We will need parents to drive the divers to Salem.  Warm-ups will be at 3:30 p.m. and the event will begin by 4:30 p.m. We are only diving 7 girls, but I would like all of them there if room in cars will allow it. We also need to coordinate rides to the Oakland County meet on Thursday the 2. I will find out who made the cut soon. I would estimate 7 or 8 girls.

For swimmers - the meet starts at 6:30 on Thursday, October 2. The bus will leave at 4:40 that day. Swimmers have normal practice time on the Tuesday and Wednesday before.


2. Parent Meeting on Wednesday, October 1 at 7:00 pm in the SLEHS Athletic/Team Classroom (room 1721 on the lower level of the building across the hall from the pool and next to the gym.) Once again this year, our team has the distinct honor to host the KLAA Conference Meet on November 7-8 at our pool.  For those who are not familiar, every two years South Lyon hosts the Conference Meet for 11 schools. (We also host the Division Meet on alternate years.) There are over 250 athletes who participate and 500+ spectators that will be at the SLEHS pool over the two days. This meet is a HUGE undertaking and requires everyone's help!! The Booster Club Board has already started planning, and we have planned a meeting to share the plans with you. Please plan to attend this very important meeting to discuss how the meet will run and the expectations for the Swim and Dive families. Please contact me with any questions.  


3. Oakland County Meet - Diving on Thursday, October 2, Swimming on Sunday, October 5. Qualifiers only. More info coming soon.


4. SLEHS Homecoming parade on Friday, October 3 - Friday we are participating in the East Homecoming parade. We alternate which parade we participate in each year. This year it is the East parade. All of the girls are expected to represent the team in the parade and should plan on participating unless they have another homecoming parade commitment (like being in the marching band, etc.). As I told the girls in the team meeting yesterday, there is enough time before the parade to have a short practice.  If we have good practices as a team over the next two days and compete well at Salem we will not have practice on Friday, but the option is there if the coaches are not satisfied.  We are hoping to not have practice on Friday. On Saturday there is practice as usual.


5. Annual SLHS vs. SLEHS Tailgate for Boys and Girls Swim and Dive Team and Families on Friday, October 10 @ SLHS. Sub sandwiches provided.  Please sign up to bring a dish to pass. If all slots filled, just bring a favorite tailgate item of choice. Girls will come after practice.  Hope to see everyone there!!! Click on the link below to sign up....


6. Our raffle ticket sales period ends on Saturday, October 4.  All sold/unsold tickets and money due by Saturday, October 4. Drawing will occur at the October 14th home meet. Raffle rules and State of Michigan regulations were included in your athlete's ticket packet.
7. When sending an e-mail about missing swim practice, please send it to both coach Burch ( and coach Paul ( Divers only need to send an e-mail to Coach Ferguson. We want to make sure both coaches have the information. Thanks! 8. Parents of morning swimmers..... Morning practice breakfast slots still available! All morning practice swimmers should take a turn bringing breakfast for everyone – several dates still open! To sign up, please go to "Team Information" and click on "2014 Volunteer Signups."  


8. Bob Taylor has graciously agreed to be our team publicist (thank you!!!), but unfortunately cannot attend some of the meets due to his work schedule. While it is easy to provide the final scores/results in a PDF, can any of you take notes to help him add those special touches of excitement and play-by-play action? Please email Kathy Dunnuck at GO SOUTH LYON!  


9. For the after meet dinners, Barb and Tyler Mieske are coordinating the dinner with the sophmore parents for the next home meet. Thank you Barb and Tyler :) October 14th is Senior night, a change from the original schedule.  Amiee Ihara and the junior parents are organizing that dinner. Thank you Junior Parents. :) On October 23rd the freshman class is in charge of the after meet meal. Amy Schams has signed up to coordinate that meal. Thank you Amy. :) She could really use some assistance with planning.  

As far as the after meet dinners go, each class is assisgned to host a meal. They are responsible for organizing, setting up, serving, and clean up. Boosters provide $85.00-$100.00 towards meal. The meal can pretty much be whatever you want. In the past years the main course has been pasta, subs, pulled pork ect.  And then the side dishes are brought by other parents in the class. There tend to be paper products and silverware in the room behind the pool. It would be best to check before you turn to host. If not, you will need to purchase and boosters will reimburse.
Be sure to keep your receipts. Treasure cannot reimburse without reciepts. Sorry. Senior night is put on by the junior class. The amount the boosters provides for this meal is different then the usual after meet meals. So be sure to check with the treasure for exact amount.  If anyone has questions, you can contact Barb Mieske @, she is the overall dinner coordinator, Kim Plohetski @ or Marica Tyahla @   For the visiting team dinners, Jennifer Liskey@ has signed up to be the overall coordinator. Thank you Jennifer. :) The volunteer who signs up to do this is responsible for finding out how many girls are on the team and calling and ordering Hungry Howie Pizza, usually delivered between 7:45 and 8:00 pm. We plan on 2 slices per girl. Let Mark Tyahla, the treasurer, know the amount and he will write a check. You can find him on the pool deck or email him or you can email Marcia @ and she will let him know.


10. If you have not already done so, please turn in your cans or money/receipts for our South Lyon United Girls Swim and Dive Can Drive. Sara Plohetski is collecting.




11. Check out the South Lyon Herald articles showcasing our team! Big thanks to Bob Taylor for the write-up!


Also a big thanks to Jim Boyles for all of the great photographs he has taken of our girls this season. Photos can be found by going to "Team Information" and clicking on "Team Photos."





-------LOST AND FOUND------- 

Saffiyyah Beasley is missing her black Speedo goggles. Last seen after practice Friday, September 26. 

Lexi Abernethy is missing her gray hooded sweatshirt that says South Lyon Swimming and Diving. It is the design they used for the middle school swim team last year. Last seen in the swim locker room on Wednesday, September 24. 

Haley Larkin is missing her warm up pants. They are #21. Last seen at the meet on Thursday, September 25.

Maddie Taylor is missing her Senior shirt. Last seen at the meet on Thursday, September 25.

Sable Dobbie is missing her warm up suit - #67. This has been missing for some time now.







"If you fail to prepare, you're prepared to fail."   Mark Spitz


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