Southington Lightning: Welcome

Sunday, January 5


Welcome to the home of the

Southington Lightning Fastpitch Softball Program


The Southington Lightning is a fastpitch girls travel softball organization dedicated to educating its players about sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment and integrity through competitive travel softball.  Our organization strives to compete at the highest level, playing in local, regional and national events each year.


2014 Tryout Dates


  Tryouts are complete for the 2014 Southington Lightning teams, with the following exceptions:



14u (99's) Team is looking for a Pitcher.  If interested please contact Coach Dave Valentukonis at 


18u Team is looking for a Pitcher.  If interested please contact Coach Bill Zesut for a tryout at 



2014 Tournament Schedule 


 The Southington Lighning will be hosting the following tournaments in 2014.  To register, please go to the PONY or ASA website, depending upon the tournament.


May 24-25     ASA Memorial Day Charity Tournament  (10u,12u,14u)

June 14-15     PONY Summer Leadoff Invitational   (10u,12u,14u,18u)

June 21-22      PONY Lightning Strikes Invitational (10u,12u,14u,16u)

June 28-29     PONY Lightning Flash Invitational    (10u,12u,14u,16u)

July 11-13     PONY Summer Scorcher Invitational  (10u,12u,14u,18u)

July 19-20     PONY Southington Invitational Tourn.      (10u,12u,14u)

July 26-27     PONY Summer Wrap-Up Tournament              (14u,16u)



  For more information please contact

Ed Beaupre at 






Southington High School Softball Team for winning a state record 15th Class LL State Championship!!






2013 Southington Lightning Tournament accomplishments:

**** 18 Tournament Championships **** 


10u(02's) - ASA CGSL Championship Tournament

10u(02's) - CVFL Tournament Champions

12u(00's) - Valley Fusion Spring Fling PONY Qualifier

12u(00's) - Shock The System PONY Qualifier

12u(00's) - Titans Mike Arburr Memorial PONY Qualifier

12u(00's) - GROWS Spring Bash PONY Qualifier

12u(00's) - SYBSA Summer Showdown Invitational

12u(00's) - Lightning Strikes PONY Qualifier

12u(00's) - Lightning Flash PONY Qualifier

12u(00's) - Summer Scorcher PONY Invitational

12u(00's) - Triple Crown National Tournament 

13u(99's) - Shock The System PONY Qualifier

14u(98's) - Summer Leadoff PONY Qualifier

14u(98's) - Lightning Strikes PONY Qualifier

14u(98's) - Lightning Flash PONY Qualifier

14u(98's) - Nutmeg State Games PONY Qualifier

14u(98's) - ASA CT State Championships 

15u(97's) - Shock the System PONY Invitational


**** 11 Tournament Runner-ups **** 

10u(02's) - Summer Scorcher PONY Invitational

10u(02's) - Queen of Diamonds Tournament 

11u(01's) - 12u ASA Memorial Day Charity Tournament

11u(01's) - 12u CVFL League Tournament

12u(00's) - 14u ASA Memorial Day Charity Tournament

13u(99's) - Sunrise Cottage Benefit Tournament

13u(99's) - Lightning Strikes PONY Qualifier

13u(99's) - Richard Durning PONY Invitational

14u(98's) - 16u Shorline Stinger PONY Invitational   

15u(97's) - Summer Leadoff PONY Qualifier

15u(97's) - Lightning Flash PONY Qualifier  




2012 Tournament accomplishments:

**** 14 Tournament Championships  ****

10u(01's) - Summer Scorcher PONY Invitational 

11u(00's) - Lightning Strikes PONY Qualifier

11u(00's) - CVFL Tournament Champions 

12u(99's) - CT Heat Classic PONY Invitational

13u(98's) -  Queen of Diamonds USSSA Qualifier

13u(98's) - Memorial Day NSA Charity Tournament 

13u(98's) - NSA Summer Leadoff Tournament

14u(97's) - Watertown GROWS PONY Qualifier

14u(97's) - Lightning Strikes PONY Qualifier

14u(97's) - NSA Summer Leadoff (16u Division)

14u(97's) - Hudson Valley Dome ASA

14u(97's) - Coplex Dome Winter Blast ASA

14u(97's) - Coplex Dome March Madness (16u Division)

16u (97's) - 2012 Fall Brawl USSSA Qualifier

**** 9 Tournament Runner-Ups ****

 10u(01's) - Summer Leadoff NSA

10u(01's) - Lightning Flash PONY Qualifier

11u(00's) - Ridgefield Sunrise Cottage Benefit

11u(00's) - Memorial Day ASA Charity Tournament

11u(00's) - Southbury Heat Classic PONY Invitational

12u(99's) - Cheshire Flames Invitational Tournament

14u (97's) - USSSA 2011 CT Fall State Championships

14u(97's) - Shoreline Stinger PONY Invitational (16u Division) 

16u (97's) - 2012 Fall Bash PONY Invitational