Wednesday, March 29
I am sorry to say, we didn't reach our fundraiser goal needed to use Cupples stadium as a practice site. Due to this we are suspending all operations of the South Hills Heat Track Club, Inc. All monies will be donated to the USATF Three Rivers Assn. I have loved every moment of the run we've had, and I wouldn't trade my athletes for anyone. I would like to say thank you to every athlete who has ever been with us. I would especially like to thank all the parents who have trusted me with your children. I hope all the families had an enjoyable ride with us. Track & field is a wonderful sport, please continue to participate. - Coach Darryl Smith

Wednesday, February 1
Fundraiser for use of Cupples Stadium in 2017 as a practice site

Heat family/friends/fans, we need your help. We have to find a new practice site this year and we need $5,502.50 to pay for use of Cupples Stadium on the South Side this season. Please help and/or pass along to anyone and everyone.


Coach Darryl 

Thursday, September 15
2016 Team MVP
Congrats to the SHHTC 2016 Co-MVP's Zephanaiah "Zukey" Malloy & Isaiah "Ice" Malloy.

Friday, June 24
SHHTC Team Store Opening
Today marks the grand opening of the South Hills Heat Track Club's online store. From now on...all uniforms, sweats, and warmups will be available to purchase online only, unless specified otherwise. Browse among the t-shirts, hats, blankets, etc.  There's something for everyone from the team athlete to the team fans. Most, if not all, items come in an assortment of colors.

Saturday, November 21

HEAT 2015/2016 school year 4th Qtr honor roll student/athletes. This is really making it hot.

Name                       GPA                   School

Erin Hurst               4.0                     Tj Elementary/McClelland 

Isaiah Malloy           4.0                    Cheswick Christian Academy 



Thursday, May 12
CAL U Meeet
The meet this week is at Cal U, but not at the campus. The stadium is away from the campus. It is Adamson Stadium, ...

Sunday, January 3

Due to the number of inquiries I received last year...I have decided to open up our team membership to the "Open" and "Masters" division. So, if you are a little over 18, or way over 18, you can still join us, and compete as a member of the Heat.-Darryl Smith

Sunday, July 12
We didn't/can't do this without help
Since our season is wrapping up, We would  like to express our appreciaton to the Whitehall Medical Health Centre, Nu2u  Kidz Clothing and Shoes, State Rep Harry Readshaw, and Pittsburgh City Council President Bruce Kraus...for your kind support of our team this year.  We were able to buy some much-needed equipment thanks to their kindness. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sunday, July 12
2015 USATF JO Region 2 Championship
Yesterday was a good day. It didn't rain at all. Oh, and also, we had Marisa Chiappiono, then Wendelll Wade III, and finally Zephanaih Malloy, representing us at the 2015 USATF JO Region 2 Championship, being held at Slippery Rock University. Marisa and Zephanaih represented us and themselves fairly well, seems young Mr Wendell turned out to be the showstopper. Yes, Wendell finished his shotput event in 4th place. He not only went home with a medal, but also an open invitation to the USATF JO National Championship being held at the end of the month. Thanks to all 3 of you for your wonderful efforts and a great season.

Monday, June 22
2015 USATF Three Rivers Assn Championship
Our Three Rivers Assn Championship ended yesterday evening. Storms brought an abrupt early end to the meet on Saturday, but we certainly brought the HEAT on Sunday!! The weather was humid and hot. All 3 HEAT athletes were up to the task. Marisa "Maryann" Chiappino, Wendell "Mr Wendell" Wade III, and Zephanaih "Zooky" Malloy, all qualified in the shotput for the USATF Junior Olympic Region 2 Championship, being held July 9-12, 2015 at Slippery Rock University. Fantastic job, kids!!!   

Saturday, May 23

Here we are...halfway through the regular season. Things are looking pretty good for the most part. Some athletes are picking up where they left off, some athletes are finding their niche, and some are having some success and yet, still finding their way. I think I like the spirit of this years team., that some have shown grit and determination, and some have bounced back from a little adversity. I like it.  I really think they all will do big things.

Coach Darryl

Sunday, July 20

See what can happen when you make it hot? Our own Isaiah Malloy has been recognized for his efforts. I said he was good awhile ago, now, others outside of the HEAT family are recognizing it. Congrats on the honor, Ice.

Coach Darryl 

Monday, July 14
USATF JO Region 2 Championship

Well folks...the HEAT 2014 season came to an end in a big way this past weekend. Three of the Malloy boys went to NJ and represented!! To start things off on Saturday, Zephanaiah went to the 9-10yr old boys shotput and rose to the occasion with his best throws  of the season....going over  7 meters several times. These great efforts earned Zukey a 5th place medal and a berth in the national championship!! Then, Isaiah skipped the 400m race to give everything he's got in the 800m run on Sunday. That plan worked out pretty well. Ice ran his heart out and came in 4th place in the 800m, earning himself a medal and an invite to the national championship!! JaJuan didn't have the day anyone expected. He competed in the 17-18 young men long jump and fouled on 2 of his 3 attempts. the one good jump just wasn't enough to make the final round. Great job, gentlemen!! You made it hot!!!

Coach Darryl

Tuesday, June 24
2014 Three Rivers Assn Championship
Sorry for the delay, but, here is the scoop on what happened at Cal U this past weekend. The HEAT were represented by Reese Murray, Wendell Wade, Zephanaiah Malloy, Isaiah Malloy, Antione Malloy, and JaJuan Malloy. I would just first like to say "thank you for your efforts", to everyone one of you. It turned out to be an outstanding weekend for us. Everyone of those athletes listed earlier earned at least one medal. Reese got 5th in the 1500m and 7th in the turbo javelin(2 medals). Wendell got 8th in the shotput(medal). Zephanaiah got 3rd in the shotput and 7th in the turbo javelin(2 medals). Isaiah got 3rd in the 400m and the 800m and 5th in the triple jump(3 medals). Antione got 10th in the 100m and 8th in the long jump(medal). JaJuan got 7th in the 100m and 5th in the long jump(2 medals). Saturday and Sunday turned out to be great days for us to do great things. Everyone who finished in 1st-5th place in something qualified for the Region 2 Championship being held in a couple weeks outside Atlantic City.   - Coach Darryl

Sunday, June 8
2014 Post-Season

Parents, please think over and respond very soon. Entries for the Three Rivers Assn Championship must be completed by by June 15,2014 11:59pm for the normal cost of $6.00/event. If done later, the cost is $6.00/event, plus $10.00 late fee per late entry athlete. Info will be passed out at practice Tuesday.  Also, if you have an athlete that has qualified for the national championship being held in Indiana, you need to decide if they are going very soon. The deadline for the normal fee8.00/event) is the same as the assn championship, if paid later....the cost is $11.00/event.



Saturday, June 29
2013 Three Rivers Assn Championship

Last weekend...the HEAT brought 5 athletes to California University of PA to make it hot and try to earn their way to the USATF JO Region 2 Championship. It turned out to be a pretty good weekend. Cathryn "Cat" Coles made the final in the midget girls 80m hurdles race and finished with an 8th place medal. Zephaniah "Zukey" Malloy made the final round of the bantam boys shotput and finished with an 8th place medal. JaJuan "Coolbreeze" Malloy finished with a 7th place medal in the young men's 400m dash. Isaiah "Ice" Malloy medaled and qualified in all 3 of his events(3rs place-triple jump, 4th place-400m, 2nd place-800m). Tyonna "TiTi" Wilks medaled and qualified in the youth girls shotput(5th place). And, last but not least...Anjol "Big Time" Lewis also medaled and qualified in all three of his events(2nd place-discus, 1st place-shotput, 1st place-turbo javelin).  Alana Wade was also scheduled to compete, but suffered a serious burn injury days before the event and was unable to compete. I know in my heart that she would have also medaled and qualified for NY. Great job everyone!!

Coach Darryl

Sunday, May 26
2013 outdoor season underway

Well...3 meets down in the 2013 outdoor season, and I am excited! We've had some newcomers set some records and some returnees break some of their own records. Can't ask for more than that. I think if things keep progressing and the kids keep working hard...we will take the Three Rivers Assn Championships by storm!!! Did I mention I was excited?

Coach Darryl  

Sunday, July 28
USATF Region 2 Championship
Sorry this is so late. The Region 2 Championship was held in Jamestown, NY this year and the HEAT were represented by Anjol Lewis in the shotput, turbo javelin, and discus:Isaiah Malloy in the 400m, 800m, and triple jump. How much hardware can an athlete grab at one meet? I think these boys were trying to find out. Isaiah "Ice" Malloy finished 5th in the 400m, 4th in the 800m, and 6th in the triple jump. Anjol Lewis finished 5th in the shotput, 7th in the discus, and 1st in the turbo javelin.  AMAZING!!! Both qualified for the national championship in 2 events. Anjol will be focusing on the turbo javelin and Isaiah will focus on the 800m when they get to NC.    

Sunday, July 28
USATF National Junior Olympic Championship
Thank you boys for going to NC and making it hot. I know it was incredibly hot in that southern heat and humidity. As usual, the HEAT was competing in a national championship. Thanks to Anjol and Isaiah, we've been represesnted at a national championship every year. That means 5 years in a row we've gone to a national championship. The crowd at North Carolina A & T State University got to witness Anjol Lewis place 12th out of 47 in the turbo javelin, and Isaiah malloy place 24th out of 52 in the 800m. That's right!! They put it down against the best in the country represented themselves, their families, and this team, very, very, well!! Great job, boys!! Thank you for your hard work and great efforts all season.  

Wednesday, August 1
2012 National Championship

First, I would like to apologize for taking so long to post this. As you know, we had 2 HEAT athletes representing us at the 2012 USATF JO National Championship. They were Isaiah Malloy and Zephanaih "Zukey" Malloy. Isaiah competed on July 25th in the triple jump and came in 33rd out of 39. Zukey competed on July 29th in the shotput and came in 25th out of 40. These two boys made it all the way. I am very proud of them. They are fine representatives. This was the first year either of them ever competed in track & field and they excelled at it.

The 2012 season is now completely over with. No more practices, no more meets, no more early morning travel. I loved it, every minute of it!! I can't wait for 2013!!  All we have left is the "End-of-season celebration". Hope to see you there. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Coach Darryl

Monday, June 25
USATF JO Three Rivers Assn Championship
Well...the 2012 Three Rivers Assn Championship is in the books. This past weekend we had Zephanaiah, Anjol, Isaiah, Antione, and JaJuan, competing. No, not competing. Putting it down!! All 5 medaled!! That's right, everyone one of them medaled! And...Zephanaiah, Anjol, and Isaiah, qualified for the 2012 USATF JO region 2 Championship being held at Delaware University. That's making it hot!! 

Sunday, July 8

All I can say is...2 out of 3 isn't bad!! Yes, We took 3 athletes to the University of Delaware for the Region 2 Championship this past weekend and Isaiah Malloy, then Zephanaiah Malloy, both earned medals and trips to the USATF Junior Olympic National Championship being held July 23-29, 2012 at Morgan State Univ in Baltimore, Md. Well done Isaiah and "Zukey!"! Isaiah will be triple-jumping and "Zukey" will be throwing the shotput.  

Sunday, June 3
2012 Outdoor season

     We have now completed 2/3 of the 2012 outdoor regular season. The only thing 2012 has in common with our first 3 years is that we are still making it hot. The successes just keep on coming. And this year, we have around 20 kids on the team. Our roster includes Arlington, Baldwin, Beltzhoover, Brentwood, Hill District, Mount Oliver, and South Park. I like what we have assembled this year. We have had some bumps in the road, but we are still moving forward in a great way. Many team records are being broken and/or set this year. I love it. Yesterday I challenged some of the kids to try events they never considered trying, and some of them rose to the occasion. As coach, it's my job to push, to challenge, to explore opportunities for success for my athletes. Great pride and joy is what I feel when I watch kids rise up to accept the challenges. This team has had at least 1 athlete go to a national championship every year, and it is not easy. I want to keep that streak alive. Three Rivers Association we come!! 

Coach Darryl    

Monday, August 15
2011 Season is done and over with

Okay...let's wrap this thing up. The 2011 season, that is. We had our 2011 end-of-season celebration the other week at Games 'N at, on the southside, as usual. They were great to usual. Everyone had a good usual. Anjol Lewis received the 2011 team MVP usual, but, this time it was a very close 3-person race for MVP. Of course, I'm very happy for Anjol, but I'm even happier that the mvp race went down to the last meet of our season. One of our newcomers(Laurel and Cullin) almost became mvp. That's what a coach likes to see...several people doing it big and making a competitive run at mvp. Again, I would like to thank each and every athlete on the team for your hard work and efforts. I loved sitting in the stands hearing your names announced for each events top finishers, and actually seeing it happen. Thank you Navaeh, Laurel, Cullin, and Shakeil, for joining us this year. All of you were wonderful new additions to our team. I hope to see you next spring. Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer, and make it hot in those classrooms next month. Oh, and don't turn into a couch potato, get involved in something constructive. Handle your business in college, Will and Shakeil. I'll be keeping an eye on you guys.

Coach Darryl       

Thursday, February 4
The SHHTC,Inc. Tax ID/Employer Identification number:80-0335144. We are a non-profit corporation.

Sunday, July 10
2011 Outdoor Season Wrap-up

Wow! It's unbelievable that this 2011 season was so amazing. I believed we would be pretty good back in April, but I had no idea how good these kids would all turn out to be. With these kids from Baldwin, Bethel Park, Knoxville, Overbrook, and South Park...we made it really hot in 2011. The newcomers and the veterans all shined brightly. Also, Laurel Bristow(a newcomer), one of just 2 girls on the team, held her own and then some, with the boys. Laurel, along with Cullin and Anjol, advanced to the USATF Region 2 championship this year...with Anjol qualifying for the USATF Junior Olympic national championship, in both the shotput and the turbo-javelin. We had our youngest athlete in Navaeh, a kindergardener, showing her potential in the 100m and 200m dashes. Also, I'm very, very proud to say our oldest athletes, Will and Shakeil, both graduated from high school this season, and both are headed to college. That's making it hot. Good luck young men. I would also like to thank all the kids for their efforts this season and for their good report cards. Last, but not least, I would like to thank the parents. Your children should thank you too, if they haven't already. I hope to see you all at the end-of-season celebration.


Coach Darryl     

Sunday, July 3
Myrtle Beach, SC 2011

Well, I'm back from Myrtle Beach, SC, where the 2011 USA Youth Outdoor Track & Field Championships were held from June 28-July3rd. We took 3 athletes down there and brought back home 3 medals. That's right. Everyone, Laurel Bristow, Cullin Baker, and Anjol Lewis...all competed in the 300g turbo-javelin in their own age-group divisions and won medals. 3 for 3. It doesn't get any better than this.  These kids have realized my team goals for 2011. I couldn't be happier or more proud. Laurel received a 3rd place medal, and both Cullin and Anjol received 7th place medals. These kids faced some of the best in the country and stood their ground. Thanks for making it hot, kids.

Coach Darryl

Monday, August 30
2010 End of Season Celebration

Another season(2010) and its' end-of-season celebration are all complete and in the books. Spring/Summer 2010 was our 2nd season and we did very well. Also, we doubled our numbers. We're still small, but we're growing.We still exude quality in place of quantity. We held our 2010 end-of-season celebration this past Saturday on the southside at Games n' At. Two years in a row now. I love this place. The kids seemed to have fun. I brought my soon-to-be 1yr old grandson, Ike, with me, and he had a ball. We gave out the recognition awards, from USA Track & Field, to Anjol Lewis, Jay Morrison, Josh Wright, and Dorian Brown,  for their participation this year at the USA Youth Outdoor track & field Championship that was held in Lisle, IL. Also, the HEAT 2010 MVP trophy, or should I say trophies? were awarded. Once again....Anjol Lewis and Joshua Wright are the 2010 HEAT co-mvp's. Thank you Anjol, Josh, Aaron, Michael(Miguel), Michael Jr., Will, Jay, Dorian, and Chris. You all represented this team and yourselves very well. I am very proud and glad to have you on our team. I hope to see all of you in 2011. Make great grades in school. Yes , that's nagging about grades/school never stops.


Coach Darryl   

Tuesday, July 13
2010 USA Youth Outdoor Track & Field Championship

Well, we've been home for just over a week now, and it's about time I let you know what happened. WE MADE IT HOT!!! That's what happened!! Those 4 boys(Anjol, Jay, Josh, and Dorian) truly saved their best for last. We went to the 2010 USA Youth Outdoor Track & Field Championships, held in Lisle, IL June 29-July4. We had 2 top-5 finishers, and 2 top-10 finishers. That's hot. Anjol, Josh, and Dorian each came home with a National Championship medal around their necks. Jay just missed a medal by 1 place or by 1 1/4" in the long jump. He never even touched the board on any of his jumps. He gave away several inches by doing that. Everyone rose to the occasion facing the best in the country. There were teams from coast to coast. All 4 boys achieved personal bests in their events. I was very happy as I was witnessing all this. As mentioned...Jay Morrison was in the long jump. He finished in 9th place. Anjol Lewis competed in the 300g turbo-javelin, finishing in 5th place. Josh Wright competed in the 800g javelin, finishing in 4th place. And Dorian Brown competed in the 400m and 800m. Dorian finished 23rd in the 800m and 7th in the 400m. The personal bests were as follows:Anjol Lewis-300g turbo-javelin 25.44m, Jay Morrison-long jump 5.36m, Josh Wright-800g javelin 41.99m, and Dorian Brown-400m 50.56sec. 

One very proud coach,


Darryl Smith

Thursday, June 24
HEAT 2010 athletes making it HOT!!

Well, the 6 regular-season developmental meets and the Three Rivers Assn Championships of 2010 are in the books. SHHTC made it hot throughout the season. This season we had a roster of kids from Arlington, Baldwin, Beltzhoover, Brentwood, Carrick, and Knoxville. Everyone had some success throughout the season. As expected...Josh Wright made great strides in the 800g javelin, moving up from the 600g he used the past 2 years. He clearly continued his excellence in this event, plus he took home medals and ribbons in the 100m dash, long jump, and high jump. Our other 2009 co-mvp, Anjol Lewis, picked up the turbo-jav this year and excelled at it. Aaron Wade returned strongly to have his best track & field season of his young life. Aaron has become a consistent medal/ribbon winner in the shotput and the turbo-jav. We had some newcomers join us this year and they made me proud and happy to have them on my team. Chris Hudak has a clear future on the track in the 400m and/or 800m if he continues. Michael Johnson took home some hardware(medal/ribbon) in the discus and the 200m hurdles. Michael Wilson-Jones, Jr. was born to jump. He got his hardware in the long jump and high jump. William Lewis has a beautiful form when he runs the 200m dash. Will collected his hardware in the 100m & 200m dashes. Jay Morrison showed he can still long jump with the best of them, and that he can also run any race from 100-400m with the best of them. Dorian Brown showed up for the assn championship and wowed the crowd with his medal-winning runs in the 400m and the 800m. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts ruined the debut of our secret-weapon, Alayna Ziegler. We hope to unleash her  next year.

We had 5 athletes compete at this years' assn championship. All 5 took home at least 1 medal. That's right...all 5. Saturday Josh captured 5th place in the javelin. Then, on Sunday, Aaron picked it up by placing 4th in the shotput. Next up was Anjol...and he delivered by placing 4th in the turbo-jav. Jay was on the clock next and he placed 3rd in the long jump. Then, just a little later...he placed 4th in the 400m dash. Last, but not least, Dorian captured 2nd place in the 400m dash, then, he ended the day getting 3rd in the 800m run. 4 of the 5 qualified for regionals, but we will not be attending.

Next, to end the season...we have 4 kids(Anjol, Josh, Jay, Dorian) who have been accepted to compete in the 2010 USA Youth Outdoor Track & Field Championship, being held in Lisle, IL June 29-July 4,2010.


Darryl Smith



Thursday, March 4
Cleveland Indoor Track Classic 2010
On Sunday, February 21, 2010, The SHHTC was represented at the "Annual Cleveland Track Indoor Classic", held at the amazing, brand-new GaReat Sports Complex in Geneva, Ohio. Our team was represented by bantam boys Aaron Wade & Anjol Lewis. Young Mr Wade came away with 2 silver medals, and young Mr Lewis came away with 3 golds. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come during the outdoor season. Thank you guys.   

Sunday, August 2
On Friday afternoon, July 31, 2009...Josh Wright was at the USATF Junior Olympic Track & Field National Championship representing the HEAT in the youth boys javelin. It was a hot day in Greensboro, NC, but Josh handled it well. Josh didn't have his best day, but he had a good day. He finished 17th out of 33. In case you don't know what this means...there are only 16 boys in the entire United States this year that can say they're better than Josh. You da man, Josh!!
preview Josh Wright at 2009 USATF JO NAT'L CHAMP by Mark Wright

Friday, July 24
Going To National Championship
On July 10, 2009 Josh Wright competed in the USATF Region 2 Junior Olympic competition held in Jamestown, NY in the Youth boys 600g javelin competition. Josh continued to represent the HEAT very well. As usual, Josh rose to the challenge of the competition and threw a personal best, 39.90m, and took home the silver medal. It was the first time this season Josh didn't get the gold in the javelin. But, 2nd place is still outstanding and qualified him for the USATF Junior Olympic Track & Field National Championship being held during the last week of July at North Carolina A&T University in Greensboro, NC. Make it hot, Josh! We're all very proud of you.    
preview Josh Wright 200m hurdles by Mark Wright

Friday, July 24
Sub-bantam Champion
On July 12, 2009 in Jamestown, NY, Anjol Lewis competed in the USATF Track & Field Junior Olympic Region 2 Championship in the sub-bantam boys long jump and the 100m dash final. First thing that morning, Anjol went out and did a personal best in the long-jump on his final try of 3.37m. That was also the winning jump. Yes, Anjol brought home the gold medal in the lj. Later that same day, Anjol finished 8th in the final of the 100m race. That's making it hot Anjol. We're all proud of you. What a great season. 
preview Anjol 100m prelim ny Region 2 Champ. by Mark Wright

Friday, July 24

I would like to recognize and thank everyone who has helped make this team a reality. Making this happen has not been easy, nor have we done it alone. We have received help from many, in many different ways. This is just a public expression of my appreciation to so many who have helped the HEAT get off the ground. Thank you to many of the employees of ALCOSAN, Atty James Nowalk, Toxy Bentz, Marie Scotty, Josephine Ohm, Karen Remensynder, Mike Anthony, Jack Walsh, Shades of Style Salon , John F. Slater Funeral Home, Inc. 4201 Brownsville Road, Whitehall Community Lions Club, and to the City of Pittsburgh Dept of Public Works for giving us a practice site. All of you have helped to create something that is important to me, but, more importantly, something that is important to the kids who are on this team now and in the future. Thank you so much.


Darryl Smith, Founder/President/Head Coach

South Hills Heat Track Club

Sunday, June 8
2014 Outdoor Season

Well...I have to say something about this season. The regular season is almost over and we have a streak going that I really like. Everyone  has collected hardware from each and every meet they have competed in so far this season. That is what I'm talking about!!! Get that hardware!!! Make everyone around remember your names!! Some records have been set and previous records broken. I love it!! Keep makeng it hot, HEAT!!

Coach Darryl