Southern Minnesota Wave: Welcome

Thursday, October 9

  Welcome to Southern Minnesota Wave (SMW) basketball.  Here you are able to receive a brand new, exciting experience in the sport of basketball.  Those of us here at SMW look forward to yet another fruitful year of spring/summer basketball.  Choosing SMW as your basketball club, you will embark on an advanced and modern basketball program tailored to improve your knowledge and performance in the competitive arena of basketball.  Preparing you to be achieve your dream as a basketball player and to be a highly valuable member of your high school's basketball team.

  Stemming from the growing demand for competitive spring/summer basketball in rural areas, qualified, skilled coaches, affordable costs, and in practical driving distance Southern Minnesota Wave was officially established in 2014.  The dream of SMW began in 2013 with a single girls team of local talent.  Since that time, the team has brought together many talented basketball players who would not have played competitive basketball in the spring/summer.  The increasing commitment from players, parents, and fans has produced tremendous results forming SMW into a great basketball organization.

 Our mission at SMW is to help competitive basketball players increase their skill level as a basketball player, their overall knowledge in the game of basketball and their mindset towards life through hard work, persistence, and quality coaching.

 Again, Southern Minnesota Wave welcomes you to the website.  Something in you brought you here, so please take your time and browse through our links.  Please know that some areas of this website are locked for members only.  If you have any comments, questions, or would like to discuss playing for SMW please contact us.  Our contact information is at the bottom of this web page.

Shooting Star by Owl City