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These are the individuals, businesses and organizations that make
Spikes Baseball possible for a lot of children.
We thank them all VERY MUCH!!!

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Spikes Banner 2009
This is an example of a Spikes Banner. This one is the 2009 12U Team Banner
What It Means To Be A Spikes Sponsor

The sole intention of our organization is to provide the youth of our area an avenue to participate in
competitive sports. We will use this “tool” of sports to integrate, initiate and ingrain valuable life skills,
both physically and mentally, that will benefit them well past their sports lives. The skills we value and
hope to assist our youth with are, but not limited to: sportsmanship, respect for authority, setting goals
(personal & team ), true competitiveness (not just winning by the score ), time management, faith, personal
responsibility ( all the time ), trust, teamwork and having a positive attitude. We truly believe and know
that our youth are the leaders of tomorrow and the skills that can be gleaned from youth sports
spell “leadership” to us.

We realize we are still in our infancy and have a long road to travel to meet our goals, however, we are
committed to our goals/beliefs and will work diligently, intelligently and tirelessly to meet them. More
importantly we will be living examples of them, as role models for the youth that we will mentor.

Statistics have shown that involvement in extracurricular activities, like baseball, benefits academic
achievement, increases teamwork, goal achievement & problem solving skills. It also promotes better
health and self-confidence in the individual. These boys excel in the classroom as well as in the sport
of baseball. They are the community leaders of tomorrow. The Coaching Staffs & Board of Directors
are made up of all volunteers who dedicate numerous hours to the success of the program.

This is where we need your help by becoming a sponsor. It helps provide the financial resources needed
to achieve these goals. Sponsorship can also provide you or your business with many benefits.

Here is a list of just some of the things that will happen when you decide to support the Spikes.

-You will receive advertising on our team "banner" which is proudly displayed at every game
by each team.
-The "banner" reflects the level at which you are sponsoring.
-Your name will be put on all the handouts given out throughout the year to players, parents, coaches & fans.
-Your business will be listed on the Spikes website for unlimited exposure. (scroll down this page to see the
businesses & organizations that have already helped the Spikes towards our goals)
-Our coaches will encourage patronizing of your business at every opportunity.
-You can receive a sponsorship recognition plaque at the conclusion of the season if you are at least a
level 2 contributor or higher.
-And most importantly, you will be positively affecting the lives of our youth by keeping them involved in
positive, family oriented activities and away from the negatives that plague our society today.

Explanation of the "Banner".
Each Spikes age division team has a sponsor banner they take with them to each and every game
they participate in (See example above). The banner is usually hung behind the Spikes dugout or very near
as space allows. This is just one of the many ways the Spikes Organization promotes it's sponsors.
The image shown here is as large as the website can allow. This picture does not adequately reflect
the smaller fonts, which much easier to read in person. The physical size of the banners are 10 feet
wide by 3 feet tall. Each team's banner has all the current year sponsors on it, the only difference
between each teams banner is the age designation. The one shown here is for a past 12U team.

If you are interested in becoming a supporter of the Southern Indiana Spikes, please go to the "Contact Us"
page of our website for information on how to contact one of our officers. They would be happy to supply
you with the sponsorship information.
All donations are tax deductable.

Please scroll on down this webpage to view our past and present Spikes Sponsors!
Please pantronize them and thank them for sponsoring the Spikes program!

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The "Sponsor Page" is always under construction. Please excuse our mess.
The sponsors are constantly being updated as they are received
so some listings may not reflect current information.

Note: The 2011 sponsors will be posted in March '11.

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Sponsors For The 2010 Season

The following is a listing of the 2010 Sponsors. The 2011 Listings will be posted as the new season nears in March 2011.

Brauns Appliance & A/C

Get Map to Brauns Appliance & A/C 7226 W. St. Rd. 66
Richland, Indiana

Phone: 812-359-5044

Waninger's Inc.

Get Map to Waninger's Inc. Jct Hwy 231 & Hwy 62
Chrisney, Indiana

Phone: 812-362-8310


Get Map to BKD, LLP 400 Cross Pointe Blvd
P.O. Box 628
Evansville, Indiana

Phone: 812-428-6500

Enviromental Septic Solutions

Get Map to Enviromental Septic Solutions 588 S. CR. 600 W.
Rockport, Indiana

Phone: 812-359-5866

Buffalo Run Farm, Grill & Gifts

Get Map to Buffalo Run Farm, Grill & Gifts 3804 E. St. Rd 162
Lincoln City, Indiana

Phone: 812-937-2799

Burress, LLC

Get Map to Burress, LLC 1039 Washington St.
Dale, Indiana

Superb Tooling, Inc.

Get Map to Superb Tooling, Inc. P.O. Box 227
Ferdinand, Indiana

The Chateau

Get Map to The Chateau P.O. Box 211
Mariah Hill, Indiana

Phone: 812-937-4386

Ebert Farms

Get Map to Ebert Farms 21679 N. CR. 1360 E.
Ferdinand, Indiana

Ken Shourds Equipment

Get Map to Ken Shourds Equipment 4606 N. Hwy. 231
Rockport, Indiana

Phone: 812-649-2821

Millett Hardwoods

Get Map to Millett Hardwoods 7980 New Lagrange Rd.
Unit #1
Louisville, Kentucky

Sceptre Mechanical

Get Map to Sceptre Mechanical 93 E. Cr. 200 N.
Rockport, Indiana

Phone: 812-649-9820

Smile Center, P.C.

Get Map to Smile Center, P.C. 305 4th St.
Huntingburg, Indiana

Phone: 812-683-2431

Fortwendel Construction

Get Map to Fortwendel Construction 2966 Seymour Rd.
Tell City, Indiana

Town & Country Hardware

Get Map to Town & Country Hardware 10 Main Street
Chrisney, Indiana

Phone: 812-362-7201

Dale Auto Sales

Get Map to Dale Auto Sales Hwy 231
Gentryville, Indiana

Crooked Creek Logging

Get Map to Crooked Creek Logging 9378 E. CR. 1850 N.
Ferdinand, Indiana

Kimball International

Get Map to Kimball International 1600 Royal Street
Jasper, Indiana

Ettenshohn & Company

Get Map to Ettenshohn & Company 9018 St. Rd. 237
Tell City, Indiana

Vessels Mini Market

Get Map to Vessels Mini Market 9227 Hwy. 54
Whitesville, Kentucky

American Legion Post #254

Get Map to American Legion Post #254 1804 S. Old St. Rd. 45
Rockport, Indiana

James Gruber M.D.

Get Map to James Gruber M.D. 2025 St. Meinrad
St. Meinrad, Indiana

Mulzer Crushed Stone

Hazlett Family Health Care, PC

Get Map to Hazlett Family Health Care, PC 2925 N. St. Joseph Ave.
Evansville, Indiana

Dale Pharmacy

Get Map to Dale Pharmacy P.O. Box 717
Dale, Indiana

Brunette & Associates

Get Map to Brunette & Associates P.O. Box 2168
Columbus, Ohio

Steve & Lou Winsett

William H. Nance D.M.D.

Get Map to William H. Nance D.M.D. P.O. Box 549
Hawesville, Kentucky

D & E Concrete

Get Map to D & E Concrete 9879 E. CR. 1500 N.
Santa Claus, Indiana

Leibring & Sons

Get Map to Leibring & Sons P.O. Box 201
Lamar, Indiana

Rick Pflanz - Edward Jones Investments

Get Map to Rick Pflanz - Edward Jones Investments P.O. Box 150
Huntingburg, Indiana

Oxley Farms Seed Sales

Get Map to Oxley Farms Seed Sales 9022 Tuely Rd
Dale, Indiana

Memorial Hospital

Get Map to Memorial Hospital 800 West 9th St.
Jasper, Indiana

Flatridge, Inc.

Get Map to Flatridge, Inc. 790 W. Old St Rt 45
Rockport, Indiana

Freedom Bank

Spencer Industries

Get Map to Spencer Industries 902 Buffaloville rd.
Dale, Indiana

Schneider Financial Group

Get Map to Schneider Financial Group 101 Plaza E Blvd.
Evansville, Indiana

Cook Orthodontics, P.C.

Get Map to Cook Orthodontics, P.C. 7321 Eagle Crest Blvd
Evansville, Indiana

Gerhardt Tile

Get Map to Gerhardt Tile 2544 MJM Industrial Dr.
Evansville, Indiana

National Office Furniture

Get Map to National Office Furniture Santa Claus

Valley Supply Inc.

Get Map to Valley Supply Inc. 838 7th ST.
Tell City, Indiana

G N Excavating & Hauling

Get Map to G N Excavating & Hauling 671 Coal Bank Hollow Rd.
Hawesville, Indiana

Randalls Machine Shop

Get Map to Randalls Machine Shop 2377 St Rt 334
Lewisport, Kentucky

JH Rudolph Co.

Get Map to JH Rudolph Co. P.O. Box 5226
Evansville, Indiana

Beltline Electric Co.

Get Map to Beltline Electric Co. P.O. Box 546
Hawesville, Kentucky

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Please mention the "Spikes" when patronizing these sponsors.

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