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Spikes Youth Baseball/Softball, it's affiliated Teams and Spikes Athletic Center operate soley under Southern Indiana Spikes, Inc. An Indiana Not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. If you would like to contact someone from our organization, the following information is provided.

Brad Fella, Founding Board Member, Current President  


Phone: 812-544-3045

Dean Merder, Founding Board Member, Current Secretary/Treasurer



Mark Rickelman, Executive Board Member, Director Spikes American Teams                                                        



Michael Bowling, Executive Board Member, Coach

John Grass, Executive Board Member




The sole intention of our organization is to provide the youth of our area an avenue to participate in competitive sports. We will use this “tool” of sports to integrate, initiate and ingrain valuable life skills, both physically and mentally, that will benefit them well past their sports lives. The skills we value and hope to assist our youth with are, but not limited to: sportsmanship, respect for authority, setting goals (personal & team ), true competitiveness (not just winning by the score ), time management, faith, personal responsibility ( all the time ), trust, teamwork and having a positive attitude. We truly believe and know that our youth are the leaders of tomorrow and the skills that can be gleaned from youth sports spell “leadership” to us.

We will be and have initially been dependent on player fee’s to meet our financial needs. As we grow our organization we will also develop and implement a corporate sponsorship strategy. We will also organize fundraising activities that will be executed by our teams. It is our goal/dream to offer our opportunity at no cost to the youth of our area.

We realize we still have a long road to travel to meet our goals, however, we are committed to our goals/beliefs and will work diligently, intelligently and tirelessly to meet them. More importantly we will be living examples of them, as role models for the youth that we will mentor. 

2017 Southern Indiana Spikes, Inc.
US Mail: 632 Sled Run
Santa Claus, Indiana  47579

Founded 3/11/2004
The Southern Indiana Spikes, Inc. is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3), and has public charity status 509(a)(2), of the IRS tax code.

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