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The purpose of this site is to create a fun environment for baseball umpires, players, coaches and fans to enhance their understanding of the rules of the Great Game of Baseball.

How Is My Batting Average Calculated...
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Use this basic caculator is figure and understand your batting average. Just enter the number of times you went to bat, hits, base on balls, sacrfices and times the pitcher hit you while in the batters box. The computer will them figure your average!

Web Ball
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Helping coaches and athletes play better baseball. WebBall offers hundreds of pages, diagrams, animations, and tips. Features include motion-enhanced instruction, coaching strategy, pitcher mechanics, batspeed training, team drills, and much more. Copyright 1996-2005 WebBall Baseball Instruction Inc.

Major League Baseball Quiz
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For those whom watch Major League Baseball it's time to test your knowledge of bats, balls and base hits. Kidzworld wants to see how much you know about baseball's hardest hitters, finest fielders and most magnificent managers. We've got a baseball quiz that's tougher than hitting a Randy Johnson fastball.

Do you know how long it's been since those dreadful Chicago Cubs last won the World Series? Do you know the nickname for Yankee Stadium? Do you know how much David Wells weighs? It's time to separate the baseball brainiacs from the no-mind minor leaguers. Throw on your batting helmet, step up to the plate and take your best swing at Kidzworld's brain-busting baseball quiz. Just click on the link! Sports Trivia Edition
Pretend that you are a famous sports related person, place or thing and the 20Q artificial intelligence will figure out what you are, by asking simple questions. If you stump 20Q, suggest an object or even a question, then check back in a few days to see if it was added. We need your expertise to help train and shape this new AI.