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Thursday, May 28

Welcome to the Southern Indiana Spikes Website  

A Youth Competitive Baseball/Softball Organization

The sole intention of our organization is to provide the youth of our area an avenue to participate in competitive sports. We will use this "tool" of sports to integrate, initiate and ingrain valuable life skills, both physically and mentally, that will benefit them well past their sports lives.

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Tuesday, September 1
Spikes 2015 Fall Ball Updated !


        Fall Ball Roster & schedules are posted !

          Please click on the "Handouts/Info" section on your left, to view your childs team and schedule.

                          Games start September 12 for the 8-9 Boys

Games start September 13 for 6-7 Boys


  Please note that you will NOT be contacted by the Spikes,  you may click on the "2015 Fall Ball" section on your left.


Play concludes October 11th. All games are played at 5th Street Park in Ferdinand. 


Spikes Athletic Center Available for Use !!!!

The Spike Athletic Center is also available for use by teams and individuals that are not a member of the Spikes Organization. A variety & type of uses are possible. Examples: Team sport practices of Baseball, Softball, Soccer & Basketball, individual pitching, hitting, fielding & physical fitness workouts are some of the many possibities. Call if your specialty is not listed to see if it can be accomidated. Available time slots & rates can be obtained by contacting President Brad Fella. His contact information is listed in the “Contact Us” page of this website (see left menu).

To view a few images of the Spikes Athletic Center, click on the pictures link in menu!

Outside groups and individuals are encouraged and highly welcome !!!!



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Athletics…done right…is the other half of education.

The athletic field is where the kids learn the lessons of life and have fun. They learn that winning isn’t as important as preparing to win… They learn never to give up… They learn to lose with dignity… They learn to win with honor…They learn that you can be whatever you want to be if you work hard enough at it… They may never be first-team or all-state or an all-American, but the important thing is that they try…They learn to be good citizens… It’s better to be a good American than an all-American.

Are you ever going to swing?

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These are instructions to help you find any Spike team's webpage, whether the current season or past seasons. Look at the menu on the left hand side of this page and click on "Find a Spikes Team". Then, on the next page that comes up, select the year (any past season's year) of the team you are looking for on the right side of the screen. [Note: Individual Team Sites were discontinued after the 2008 Season.] Then find the age division of that year on the left and click on it. That will arrive you at that team's individual webpage.

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If you have something you would like considered to be added to our Spikes website, such as a picture, news article or just information, just contact your team's (age division) website administrator (you can ask your Head Coach whom that is). That person can present it to the website team, and if it can be used, it will be added to the site. (We have to watch how much[and what] we add to the website as we are limited on storage space)