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Saturday, March 12


  Welcome to the 2017 SHLL season!

Picture Day & Opening Day are April 8th

Parky's Pics will be doing our team pictures this year. Order forms will be available the day of pictures.   

ALL GAMES WILL BE IN REDWAY April 8th after a special opening ceremony before the first games at 10:30am. 

If you haven't yet heard from your child's coach, you will. Rosters have just been finalized and practices will begin soon for all leagues, weather permitting.

We are always looking for umpires for both the Majors and Minors.  If you or someone you know could help with this, please contact Jacob at 986-1679! 

Before we can play ball, we need to do some work on our facilities! We will be hosting a couple of work days to get this done. Please understand that our league runs on 100% volunteer hours. The more help we get, the more work that gets done, and the easier it is for everyone to ensure a successful season for our kids!




This year, we will also have a Senior League team for players age 13 and up that will play teams in Northern Humboldt and host games at the SFHS field. We are still looking for help with coaching and organization; if you're interested, contact Jacob at 707-986-1679.


 For information about girls softball visit Humboldt Fastpitch.



Team Sponsorship 

Each year local businesses help our kids have a great season by sponsoring a team.  SHLL uses these contributions to the Southern Humboldt Little League program are used to buy uniforms for our teams each year. As always, the business name is proudly displayed across the back of the jerseys. If you are interested in sponsoring a team or need more information, please fill out our request form!  Thank you!






Tuesday, April 1
Water Bottles

Water Bottles! You may have noticed that the bottled water being sold at the snack shack this year is made of compostable plastic. We are trying to get away from bottled water and contributing to the negative impact they have on our planet and health. We have a "Hydration Station" set up by the epuipment shed that anyone can fill their own water bottles with. The water in the Hydration Station is filtered and cooled. Every player has been issued a SHLL metal water bottle, some coaches have opted to hold on to them for the kids and bring them to each game. There is no charge for the water at the Hydration Station, but if you would like to make a donation toward the filters for it, please do so aat the snack shack.

Please mail in applications as soon as possible!!!

Thursday, January 24
Southern Humboldt Little League

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