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2014 Fall Ball

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From:  The Southeastern Board of Directors

Date:  August 6, 2014

Re:  2014 Fall Baseball Changes


We hope you and your family have had an enjoyable summer and are looking forward to the start of school.  The leaves will soon change and the temperatures drop and that means that the 2014 Southeastern fall ball season is upon us. 


The Board of Directors has been listening to you, the parents of SEBB, and we are going to have a few changes this fall season based on your recommendations.  The biggest recommendation we heard is that our families want a more competitive environment in fall ball.  Secondly, our families want to play in tournaments.  Lastly, our families want the instruction to be top of the line for the players.  We’ve listened and we are incorporating the requests from our families into this 2014 fall baseball season.   Here are the highlights:


·         From Monday through Thursday, games will be played similarly to the fall baseball of the past.  On the weekends of September 13th, September 20th and October 18th, Southeastern will host tournaments that are optional to players signed up for 2014 fall ball.


o   Tournaments will be held for 8U, 10U and 12U levels.

o   Tournament fees will be at no charge to Southeastern teams participating in fall baseball and will be made up of a National and American League team(s).  This will NOT be an All – Star selection team, but opened to anyone signed up to play in the SEBB 2014 fall baseball league and would like to play in the tournament for that particular weekend.

o   Parents of players that have signed up for Southeastern fall baseball will receive free admission to the tournaments.

o   Players can choose to participate in one, two or all three of the tournaments.

o   These dates are either open dates or away games for UK Football to avoid any conflicts.


·         The Board of Directors has placed a strong emphasis on spring Head Coaches to be involved during fall baseball season.  This includes coaches that have the desire to be Head Coaches in 2015 in all four leagues.  This will insure that each player receives the best instruction and support.


·         Southeastern will be holding Sunday clinics throughout the fall for participating players from the fall baseball season.  These clinics will be of no charge to participants.


Fall baseball signups will open on August 7th online at and are available to any child that will turn four years of age by April 30, 2015.  As in the past, we will have a TBall, Rookie (Coach Pitch), Minor and Major Division with the games beginning on September 2nd and ending on October 16th.  The cost of the fall season will be $70 for ages eight and under and $85 for ages 9 – 12. 


In closing, we know that the fall brings many activities your way.  This includes football, soccer and other sports.  But we hope that you will once again take a look at what Southeastern has to offer.  We have great facilities, great concessions and a family friendly atmosphere.  By offering your son and daughter options for competitive tournaments, teaching clinics and the best coaching available, we feel the best option for fall baseball is at Southeastern. 


As always, we welcome your suggestions and ask that you contact any of the league Vice Presidents or Board Members with any support you need.  Thanks for your continued support of Southeastern and best wishes for the rest of the summer and fall.






The Southeastern Baseball Board of Directors