Southeastern Cal Ripken: Welcome

An Open Letter to the Parents of Southeastern Cal Ripken Baseball from our President, Ramzi Torbey;
Southeastern is fortunate to be one of the premier baseball parks and programs in the Cal Ripken Baseball family and due to that, we have been asked to help with a unique opportunity. The 2016 10 year old World Series scheduled to be held in Florence, AL August of 2016, has to be played at a different location due to scheduling conflicts and facility availability. The first call Cal Ripken Headquarters made was to SE to gauge our interest in stepping up to the plate and carrying out the event. At our monthly Board Meeting last night, we had an in depth conversation about the possibility of being host.
This is a huge honor and great opportunity to showcase our ballpark, the city of Lexington and most of all, our entire SE family, but it comes at a big price tag and buy in to the host team. It would require our league to obtain sponsors to offset the basic event cost in excess of $50,000 and staff the event played over a 10 day period. This could include up to 200 volunteered positions. Let me say however, the league will NOT put the interest of hosting the event ahead of plans of upgrading our facility. We do however, need to weigh the impact of what this event could have on our ability to improve our facility and potentially assist Southeastern with upgrades. Additionally, we need to look at gaining support from the City and Community of Lexington as some studies suggest it would be a $2 Million economic impact on the host city.
I am reaching out to you, the parents and families of Southeastern, to gauge your interest and get a sense of what type of response we will get from our community to help pull this opportunity off. Additionally, we are looking for a point person that may be interested in heading up the committee(s) that will be put in place in case we decide to move forward with hosting the World Series. I encourage those interested in helping or are interested in donating their skills to pull off such a momentous occasion please contact myself or the league Board Members at  Your help, assistance, but most importantly your feedback would be most helpful and appreciate.
See you at the park,
Ramzi Torbey, Southeastern President