South Coast Sharks: Welcome

Monday, January 23
Welcome to the South Coast Sharks!

NEWS:  South Coast Shootout Touranment 2013 is CLOSED to registration  - Brackets and games times are posted below under "HANDOUT" link. 

Boys 8th Grade Bracket & Seeding will be updated here:

Seed 1: 

Seed 2: Newport

Seed 3:

Seed 4:

Seed 5:

Seed 6:

Seed 7:



1:00 Court JR High:

2:15 p.m. Court 1

2:15 p.m. Court 2

3:30 p.m. Jr High

6:00 p.m. Court 2

7:15 p.m.: Jr High 





Thank you for your support!

We are an non-profit and AAU girls basketball program serving the youth of the South Coast area.  We seek to develop players that are sound in the fundamental skills in basketball as well as the skills in life.  We play hard and love to play!

"Preform at your best, when your best is required. Your best is required every day." -John Wooden 

Handout: Tournament Master Schedules and Info 2013

Monday, December 20
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Tuesday, February 14
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