South Cheatham Little League: 2010 Divisions

Tee Ball
Tee ball is an instructional division that focuses on having fun learning the game of baseball.

Coach Pitch Softball 7/8
Coach pitch softball is where our fast pitch girls get their start. Travel is required for this team and they have alot of fun.

Coach Pitch Baseball 7/8
Coach pitch baseball is for 7 & 8 year olds. The action is typically fast paced with instruction in the fundamentals still the primary goal. This season we are experimenting with introducing some kid pitch to develop pitchers and catchers and get batters accustomed to hitting pitches from their peers.

Softball Fast Pitch 9/10
The girls are introduced to the fast pitch game in this division. The fundamentals of softball are stressed. Travel is required for this age group.

Baseball 9-10 Yr olds Kid Pitch
Minor league baseball is the first experience in 100% 'kid pitch'. Fundamentals will be stressed and competitive games are the rule.

Softball Fast Pitch 11/12
A competitive division of fast pitch girls. This is the last division where the ball has to cross the plate before a steal can be attempted. Travel is required.

Baseball 11/12
The most competitive division on the 60 ft. bases. These 11 and 12 year olds are fine tuning their skills for the next level of play.

Softball Fast Pitch 13/16
The real deal! This rules at this level of play are the same as for high school softball. The big change is baserunners leaving with the pitch rather than waiting for the ball to cross home plate.

Baseball 13/14

SCLL Umpires
SCLL Umpires