South Carolina Dixie Softball: Welcome

Welcome to SOUTH CAROLINA Dixie Softball

We would like to welcome everyone to the South Carolina Dixie Softball website. The purpose of this organization is to provide a fun and exciting program for girls 18 years of age and younger playing on a scaled down diamond to meet the physical development of the growing child. The main purpose of the program is to provide a recreation outlet  for as many as possible with emphasis on local league play rather than tournament play.

Thank you for choosing Dixie Softball. The girls softball program where participation is more important than perfection and where the players get in the game.

You can also visit us on at South Caroilna Dixie Softball

Wednesday, February 15

Only unregistered umpires will be required to take the umpire's test this year. All umpires that were registered for the 2011 season will not be required to re-test. Umpires registered from last year (2011 season) will need only to send the $30.00 and their card number and any changes in contact information to me, Dale Wooding.They will recieve the new rule book, patch, umpires manual and of course a new card.