Southbridge Little League: Welcome

Welcome to Southbridge Little League home of the 2014 District 5 Big League Champions

Southbridge Little League is committed to a culture that assures all players, coaches and parents enjoy a high level experience in all aspects of baseball. We aspire to be an educational/athletic program that teaches the games most fundamental lessons. 


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Southbridge Little League
P.O. Box 838
Southbridge, MA 01550






Wednesday, March 18
CPR Requirements

CPR certification is required for all managers and one coach for all teams. T-ball and coach pitch is 8:00-12:00. AAA, Majors, Board Members, and Umps is 1:00 -5:00 at Harrington Memorial Hospital on mezzanine floor, conference rooms 1 & 2

Sunday, March 29
Limited space remaining for coach pitch, t-ball, and AA. Call Matt Lamica at 774-452-0507

Saturday, April 11
Opening Day is May 2nd. Rain day is May 3rd.