Southbridge Little League: Welcome

Welcome to Southbridge Little League home of the 2014 District 5 Big League Champions

Southbridge Little League is committed to a culture that assures all players, coaches and parents enjoy a high level experience in all aspects of baseball. We aspire to be an educational/athletic program that teaches the games most fundamental lessons. 


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Southbridge Little League
P.O. Box 838
Southbridge, MA 01550






Sunday, March 29
All teams are now formed. Anyone who has not signed up and wants to play will be placed on a waiting list until there is an opening.  Call Matt Lamica at 774-452-0507 to be placed on the waiting list.

Saturday, April 11
Opening Day is May 2nd. Rain day is May 3rd.

Thursday, April 30

The Opening Day Parade is this Saturday. All players need to be in uniform. T-Ball and AA (coach pitch) meet at the Registry at 8:30. AAA, Majors, and Intermediate meet at Wells School at 8:30.

Friday, May 15

Week 1:  Single - Erin Adams

               Double - Coderre

               Triple - Jo Chernisky

               Home Run - Nick Giorelis 


 Week 2: Single - Carole Tanioris

               Double - Sarah Giroux

               Triple - Erica Rosario

               Home Run - Rich Saporetti 


Week 3: Single - Lynn Merceri

              Double - Robin Trazier

              Triple - Daniel Lopez

              Home Run - Rob Bertrand