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Saturday, October 15



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*Be sure to check this site often.  Game times and locations are subject to change.*

NOTE: All players are expected to help with the field, clean dugouts, stands, or parking lot before they leave. When we all pitch in, the work is done quickly - but when players do not do their part then others are left to do all the work.

12U: any player who was (still) 12 on or before Jan 1, 2015

14U: any player who will not turn 15 by May 1, 2016

JV: Primarily 9th and 10th graders, and anyone that was 16u on or before Jan 1, 2015 - referred to as the B team

Varsity: Primarily 11th & 12th graders, RHP Varsity, and any player invited by Coach Will - referred to as the A team

TEAM REMINDER - Although team rosters are not officially posted for games, it is expected that you will attend games scheduled for your age group.  If you are not able to attend a game for your age group, you should contact the coach at least 2 hours prior to the game time (and preferrably the day before) so that alternate players can be contacted.  It is not fair to the players that do show up when a game is forfeited due to an insufficient number of players in attendance.  It also costs the program $50 for every forfeit.

South Bay Rockies Website. For website questions or comments, contact Cassi @

The South Bay Rockies, named after the MLB Colorado Rockies, was formed in 1993. It is composed of players of ages 10 through 16 participating in different leagues and tournaments including a summer tournament in San Diego. Rockies’ players are not only selected because of their talent but and above all because they must posses a tremendous work ethic, positive attitude, and a genuine love and respect for the game of baseball in order to be invited on the team. The main objective of the South Bay Rockies is to develop players from the South Bay Communities, in the Greater Los Angeles Area, by teaching, coaching, and applying, in the field, advanced baseball skills. The Rockies enjoy a 98% success ratio in advancing its players to the High School level.

If you are interested in joining the Rockies, please contact Coach Will Boguille at (310) 466-4314. Individual Baseball Lessons are also available