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2013 Volunteer Application

This is the new Volunteer application. You can fill it out online and print it out for Signatures.

2010 Volunteer Application2010 Volunteer Application

A Letter From The President

Hello All!
On behalf of the South Bay Little League Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to congratulate the successes of our 2012 baseball season. I have seen our parent volunteers and youngsters grow tremendously over the course of this season.
The lessons learned in our little league environment are carried with us for life. We learned these successes; both parents and children have giving our best effort that helped us gain new or renewed confidence and self-esteem. The opportunity to participate in a healthy activity, while learning many important lifetime skills, such as teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship has not only helped us grow physically, but emotionally and socially as well.
The entire South Bay Little League family, the Board of Directors and Coaches, to the Sponsors and Parents, knows that the greatest Treasure we have are our children. As adults, we want to ensure that these young people are able to grow up happy, healthy and above all, safe. Whether they are our children, or the children of others, each of us have and continue to share in the responsibility to protect them. They are our future, and an endless source of joy.
As parents, board members, managers, and coaches, we are all students, teachers, and role models for our children. The lesson we all learn in this pursuit provides a strong foundation for winning in life. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose in a ball game, what really matters is how we deal with each failure. Striking out at the plate after trying your best is OK! We learn to just shake it off and continue to try our best. What do you call a professional Major League Baseball player who fails 2 out of every 3 times up at bat for his entire career? A MLB player who gets a hit once out of every three times at bat may also be known as someone in the hall of fame with .333 lifetime batting average.
We hope your experience in our league will continue to be a positive and rewarding one as we look forward to continue to providing little league at South Bay starting from our 4 years old little league T-Ball Division to one day having our children continue to play at South Bay up to age 18 years old one day in our little league Big League Division.
Thank you,
Ralph Huerta, President
South Bay Little League 2013

Presidents LetterPresidents Letter

CA District 42: League Boundaries

California District 42
Little League Boundaries   

Chula Vista American Little League
CVA New Boundaries

From the centerline of North 4th Avenue, to East on the 54 Freeway to I-805 Freeway South.

I-805 Freeway and the Hwy. 54 South to East H Street to North City line of Chula Vista, East to the East side of the Glen Abby Cemetery South on an imaginary line to East H St. East to Paseo Del Rey, South to East Telegraph Canyon Road, West to I-805, South to Naples Street.

East Naples Street West to East end of Golf course North to L Street inclusive. West to the center of 4 th. Ave. North.

The centerline of North 4th Avenue South to L Street.

Chula Vista National Little League
CVN Boundaries

From the Chula Vista/National City border from the San Diego Bay East to the centerline of Hwy 54 East to the North 4th Avenue centerline.

The centerline of 4th Ave South to L Street inclusive East to East end of Golf Course South to Naples Street From Hilltop and Naples Street south to the centerline of Palomar St. West to Second Ave. centerline South to Orange Ave. West to centerline of Beyer Way South to the San Diego City/County Line.

From centerline of Beyer Way West, To San Diego City/County line, west to the Otay River west to the San Diego Bay.

The shore of the San Diego Bay and the Otay River north to Centerline of Hwy 54.

Eastlake Little League
Eastlake New Boundaries

Northern City of Chula Vista Boundaries and/Second San Diego Aqueduct boundary east to Highway 125 South to Proctor Valley Road East the Upper Otay Reservoir.

South from Middle Upper Otay Reservoir south to the Middle of Lower Otay Reservoir to the San Diego County Line.

An Imaginary line extended southward from the Lower Otay Reservoir west along the San Diego County line west to the extension of Highway 125 North.

North from the San Diego County and Highway 125 North to Telegraph Canyon Road West to Rutgers Ave. North on Rutgers Ave. to Corral Canyon Road north to an imaginary line on northern City of Chula Vista boundary/Second San Diego Aqueduct.

Imperial Beach Little League
Imperial Beach Boundaries

The northern Imperial Beach city line from the Pacific Ocean east to the Otay River at 15th Street

The eastern Imperial Beach city line from the Otay River at 15th Street, south to the U.S./Mexico border

The U.S./Mexico border from the eastern Imperial Beach city line west to the Pacific Ocean

The shore of the Pacific Ocean north to the northern Imperial Beach city line

Luckie Waller Little League
Luckie Waller Boundaries

The Otay River to the centerline of the San Diego City /Chula Vista City line from I-5 Fwy to the east to Otay Valley Road.

Otay Valley Road from San Diego City/Chula Vista City line south to Heritage Road. Heritage Road south to Otay Mesa Road.

Otay Mesa Road from Heritage Road west to 905 Fwy. I905 Fwy. West to I-5 Fwy.

The centerline of I-5 Fwy. From 905 Fwy. North to the San Diego/County line at Otay River.

Park View Little League
Park View New Boundaries

The centerline of East Telegraph Canyon Road East to Paseo Del Rey North to ?H? Street East on ?H? St. to Rutgers Road South to Telegraph Canyon Road East to Highway 125 South.

South on Highway 125 South to Chula Vista/San Diego City line.

From I-805 South to East Olympic Parkway in the 91911 zip code area South to city of Chula Vista/San Diego City Line.

The centerline of I- 805 Fwy from Telegraph Canyon Road South to Olympic Parkway East in the 91911 zip code area south to city of Chula Vista/San Diego City Line.

South Bay Little League
South Bay New Boundaries

From the centerline of Palomar Street, from 2 nd Avenue East to Hilltop Drive, North on the centerline of Hilltop Drive to East Naples Street, East to I-805 Freeway.

From the centerline of I ? 805 South and Naples Street, South to the Olympic Parkway East in the 91911 sip code area South to City of Chula Vista/San Diego City Line.

The centerline of the San Diego City/County line west to Beyer Way.

From Beyer Way and the San Diego City/County line north to 3rd Avenue at Orange Avenue. Orange Avenue East to Second Avenue, North to Palomar Street.

Southwest Little League
Southwest Boundaries

The Eastern Imperial Beach City line East to I ? 5 Freeway and the centerline of the Otay River.

I-5 Freeway from Otay River south to Dairy Mart south to Monument Road Monument Road south to the U.S./Mexico border

The centerline of the U.S./Mexico border from Monument Road west to the Imperial Beach/San Diego city line

The centerline of the Imperial Beach/San Diego city line from the U.S./Mexico border north to the San Diego Bay.

Sweetwater Valley Little League
Sweetwater Valley Part 1

From I?805 and the County line/National City Boundary to Hwy 54 East to the Intersection of Sweetwater road. Then an imaginary line drawn east from Sweetwater Road East to the North East tip of Sweetwater Reservoir.

The Northeastern tip of Sweetwater Reservoir South to an imaginary line to Chula Vista City Northern boundary going South on the Chula Vista City Boundary South to the Upper Otay Reservoir and Proctor Valley Road going West.

From the Upper Otay Reservoir and Proctor Valley Road west to Highway 125 North to the Chula Vista City Northern boundary/Second San Diego Aqueduct boundary Line south on an imaginary line to Corral Canyon Road. South on Corral Canyon Rd.
To East ?H? St West to an imaginary line north on the East side of Glen Abby Cemetery West on the Chula Vista City line to the I-805 South.

From East H Street on I - 805 North to County line/National City Boundary.

Sweetwater Valley Part 2

Little League World Series 2009Little League World Series 2009

Supplemental Rules

South Bay Little League Supplememntal Rules


Safety Guide

South Bay Little League Safety Guidelines For everyone. SAFETY IS EVERYONE’S JOB - PREVENTION IS THE KEY!


Safetyguidlines - HTML FormatSafetyguidlines - HTML Format

SafteyGuidlines - Word DocSafteyGuidlines - Word Doc

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