Southampton Sting: Team Philosophy

Tuesday, April 8

Team and Coaching Philosophy

Our goal at Southampton Sting is to give every player both the individual and the team skills to become a complete player.  Each player’s individual skills are developed through a combination of foot skills, physical fitness, and ball control.  This is the most important part of your player’s game because with these skills in place, she will individually be able to get herself out of any situation that she may get into.   

Each skill set that we teach the girls is broken down into very simplistic steps.  This approach helps the player learn to evaluate each step of that skill, making it very easy for her to self-evaluate during a game and adjust for success. 

The team aspect is emphasized throughout everything that we do. The team aspect consists of being part of a cohesive team, fitting into our system of play, knowing your role in that system and on our team.  We implement a system and each position has a role and assignments.  As a player, you must not only know your role, but everyone else’s role too. Learning our system, and knowing where you and your teammates fit into that system, makes it easier for the entire team to play the game and be successful.        

Our personal goal as coaches is to create a life long lover for the game.  This is done through:

1.   Building good relationships with the players by being approachable and personable with the coaches, and the parents.  We believe player/coach interaction and communication is very important.

2.   Having constant dialogue with a player and giving her feedback is very critical in her development as a player.  Giving feedback, be it positive or negative, lets her understand her strengths and weaknesses. This in turn promotes confidence which will allow your daughter to perform at her best.

3.   Creating a fun atmosphere that keeps the player having fun while learning, and winning.  Young athletes get burnt out at such an early age.  Creating a fun atmosphere prevents this from happening, and everyone has fun while they are winning. 

It takes many aspects to build a successful program and team. We believe we can help each player achieve her goals by providing solid technical training, building and maintaining solid relationships with each other, and increasing a player’s confidence by providing ongoing feedback. With an emphasis on teamwork, our goal is to not only have fun, but to help each player become a complete player and the best soccer player and team player that she can be.  

For the love of the game,

Roman Escobar

Freddie Escobar