Soldotna Little League: summer Divisions

Ages 13-14. At this level, it is baseball! Big difference in the Major BB field! This level prepares the kids for high school ball, legion ball, etc.

4-6 year old's. This beginning level is about the basics and having fun! T-ball teaches positions, running bases, fielding a ball and catching a ball.

Coach Pitch
6-9 year olds. At this level, the kids are learning to hit an actual pitch. Different rules are introduced.

Kid Pitch
8-11 year old's. In this division we have try-outs and a draft. This is to give 8 years that are ready for the next level the chance to move up. Pitching is done by the kids. In this level, we are preparing them to improve their skills so they are ready for Major Try-outs.

Ages 10-12. At this level, you are ran through try-outs and evaluated. Coaches are looking for good, solid skills when drafting. Batting, pitching, fielding and attitude.

Majors - Softball

Minors - Softball

Juniors - Softball