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6. - Posted May 10, 2012 10:13AM
Tulsa Metro Softball League

Hey Austin, Come check out the Tulsa Crude Classic July 6-8. This is a great warm up for teams going to Minneapolis or just to have fun. We would like to see all the C & D teams come up and party with us. We had a great time (other than getting rained out) at the Texas shootout. It was great to all of our Texas friends. Check out the link below.

5. - Posted August 16, 2011 4:50PM

Hey guys - my name is Vince. I'm a professional bodywork/sports rehab for over 8 years and for two pro baseball teams (LA Dodgers and AZ Diamondbacks). Im great with lower backs, shoulders and legs.

I would like to offer my services in Austin on an upcoming trip to the players. I am based in Las Vegas but travel to Austin every 60-90 days.

I'm offering $100 off my usual $275 rate (and on top of that, I will donate $15 per client to ASANA (gay softball league).

I can confidently say, I'm one of the best deep tissue/sports masseurs in the US and won a Deep tissue/athletic competition in Hawaii in 2009 during Ironman. I'm not gay but I do offer my services exclusively almost to gay men - NOT as an escort - I do not offer sex for pay - I just find that they're better clients and will pay what my service is worth.

I enjoy working on athletes and helping a worthwhile cause whenever I can.


Sites I'm on currently and have reviews:

4. - Posted January 27, 2011 5:33AM
M&A Vinylworks

Just wanted to let you know we are out here and have great prices on custom shirts and sports uniforms. We can beat most prices since we work out of our home and give bottom line prices!!!
We are closing our store front to go back to working at home and have a bunch of brand new t-shirts available in a large variety of colors including: White, black, hot pink, sport grey, and tx orange. We have other colors and styles too. Selling t's for $2.50 each and long sleeved and tyedye for $3.50. You can call us at 877-420-1943 or email me at anytime. WE have no minimums or set up fees and orders can be done within 3 days, we are not a screen printer, we do vinyl only. We may be interested in sponsoring teams also, we make banners, signs, decals, koozies, etc.....
Thank you,
Amy Hendricks & Vicki LaBuhn, owners

3. - Posted August 6, 2010 9:08PM
Suncoast Softball

I was just in the car listening to Sirius sattelite and I heard about the two players from the Shady Ladies that were attacked and beaten up pretty bad. I just want to send my condolances to them and say that it is amazing that you all got behind them the way you did and supported them with the rally and parade. GOOD FOR YOU!! When are people going to realize that we aren't going away?! So sad to hear that that happened but God Bless You for your support to these players. GOOD LUCK to you all and especially to the Shady Ladies in the world Series! I play Short Stop for the Georgies Alibe LiveWire B Division team. Ill be looking for you all and supporting you all the way! Kick some ass!!

2. - Posted June 2, 2010 12:03AM
Just interested in playing softball on a lesbian team and wanted to see what was out there in options. I played in highschool but that has been about the last time I really played for a team.

1. - Posted March 24, 2010 2:20PM
Charlie's Austin & Katz's Deli

Looking forward to Texas Shootout in Austin Tx.
Katz's Deli is now serving @ Charlie's so stop by for your dining and beverage needs. Anything else we can do for you please call me. David Green 512-415-8486.