Soccer Girls: Welcome

A note from Coach Craig

Practice has been moved for Friday 8/24 
We are going to have practice at a different field tomorrow.
They have canceled all practice at Willow Stream Park this week, as they have an upcoming tournament.
We will practice this Friday at Ivy Hall School and Park at 5:30.(SE of Arl. Hts. Road and McHenry (rt 83)
Below is a link to a map of the field.
As long as it is not raining, we will practice.
Please check your email tomorrow afternoon, 3-4pm, to see if practice is canceled.
If you don't hear anything, then it is on.
Please reply back it you got this, otherwise I will give you a call tonight.
See you there.
Coach Craig



Hello! I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Craig Donton, aka, Coach Craig, and I have the privilege of being the head coach for your daughter's soccer team this fall! I'm really looking forward to a fun-filled fall and I can't wait to meet everyone. I'm also really lucky to have a couple terrific assistant coaches, Alan Press and Jim Machala. I think you'll find that we do a lot to make it fun for the kids while building their skills. We're all looking forward to the fall season!

Practice: All practices are scheduled for Fridays from 5:30 to 7:00. The first practice will be August 24th at 5:30. Later in the year as the sun starts to set earlier and earlier we will adjust practice times as necessary. All practices will be at Willow Stream Park. Our first practice will be on the black field (near the baseball diamond). This is the only field available on that day. After that, we will be practicing on the yellow or green field. I will pass out uniforms (if ordered) as soon as they come in from the Park District office.

For practice, all players should dress appropriately for the weather (which will get harder as the weather cools off this fall). Make sure to bring plenty of water to drink and always have proper soccer shoes, shin guards, and a size 4 soccer ball. We can't play the game without the right equipment and that goes for practice, too.

Games: Our first game is Saturday, September 8 at 11:00 am. For the first game we're on the Black field wearing our Blue uniforms. Please have all girls there, in their uniform (check the schedule to see what color to wear), and ready to play 20 minutes before game time to warm up and get ready. Uniform includes jersey, shorts, shin guards, soccer socks (completely covering the shin guards), and soccer cleats. Remember, no jewelry of any kind (including pierced earrings) and all glasses must be secured with a sport strap.

To find the field, you can either look at the map on the locations link or you can look for the color bands at the top of the goal posts when you're at the park.

I'll send out a schedule for snacks/drinks for each game.

Please let me know ASAP if your daughter will not be able to make a game for any reason. Other important information: The BG Park District spring soccer web site has a ton of great information. The player/parent handbook is on the park district web site; the rules and field layouts will be on the web site soon...I'll send out a note once I see them on the site.

 Picture night is September 25. I'll let everyone know once they assign time slots. All pictures will be taken at the Alcott Center (not Twin Groves after the disaster this spring).

And last, but not least, here's how to get hold of me: Email: Mobile: 847-370-8756 Home: 847-438-4444 Feel free to contact me any time with any issues or questions. Please reply to my e-mail so that I can confirm that I have correct e-mail address.

**Additionally if you anticipate not staying for the duration of all practices, please provide me with an emergency cell phone contact. **

I'm looking forward to a great fall working and playing with all of the girls and parents!

 "Coach" Craig.