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Thursday, August 26
All-Stars Pass Their Way To Victory

Fall 2010 season starts off with a bang. If you had to pick one thing that would describe why the All-Stars looked better then their opponent it would be team passing. The team passing was awesome and several seasons beyond their opponents who really are not that bad of a team but the All-Stars made them look bad. Practicing the wing-attack, making sure players are in the proper positions, and giving the players choices with their passes have really made the All-Stars a real powerhouse of a team.

The final score was 4 - 1 and the game really wasn’t that close. Lauren scored 2 goals, one of them from a corner kick as she was in perfect position to score as the All-Stars have been practicing corners. Courtney scored a goal as her passing awareness and speed on the ball are just too much for opponents to contain. Savannah also scored a goal on a good pass using the wing attack.

The All-Stars could have easily scored a few more but a few shots just went wide of the goal and a few crossing passes just missed their mark. The defense improved from last season as Josie, Abby, Savannah, and Maddie really did a fine job. The greatest improvement was the trapping of the ball. I have even been told that Savannah’s mom made a nice trap on the sidelines during the game, people are paying attention during practices.

As in last season, one of the greatest strengths of the team is the midfield and stopper play. Very seldom did the ball or an opponent get through. The one thing the All-Stars need to work on though is making sure that the stoppers get to the outside sooner when a wing takes the ball to the coroners, we will work on that.

Overall, this was a super first game against a very difficult team. I can’t wait for the next game.