1 v. 1 Attacker Facing Goal

1 v. 1

The Game Server passes the ball to attacker who tries to :

If defender wins the ball and dribbles over the opposite line, they get a point. If the ball goes out of the grid, no points for either player. Players exchange positions. Keep score to make the game competitive.

Coaching Points


  1. Try to close down the attacker immediately, during the time of flight of the ball.
  2. If attacker receives the ball cleanly:

Make sure that defender is in a proper stance. Knees bent, leaning slightly forward. One foot slightly in front of the other.


  1. Attack with speed.
  2. Attack the front foot by faking towards the trailing foot, then exploding in the other direction.
  3. Approach the defender with short, controlled strides.

Drill List