Shadow Attack

Shadow Attack

The Game

The keeper starts with the ball. Have players line up in their basic formation. In this example we are assuming team is playing 8 aside. Players attack the opposite goal, trying to score. After the attempt at goal, repeat in the opposite direction. If you have enough players, organize another group to attack in the opposite direction. The two teams play through one another, no defense.

Coaching Points

Try These Variations

  1. Get to goal in 15 seconds.
  2. All players must touch the ball before final strike at goal.
  3. Players only have 3 touch, 2 touch ,then 1 touch.
  4. Get to goal in as few passes as possible.
  5. Get to goal using to passes.
  6. Activity leader gives each player a number. At the start of each attack, the leader calls a number, and the team must organize so that player takes the final shot on goal.

Drill List