Hospital Tag

The Game

All players with one ball ina defined space. Set up a second space for the hospital. Players must dribble around in the main space and try to tag other players while controlling the ball. If tagged, player must hold the part of the body that was touched by the ball. Afetr player is tagged for the third time, he must go to the hospital. While in the hospital space, the players practice more dribbling. After competition, they come back to the game and begin to play with a fresh start.

Coaching Points

  • Make sure players are controlling the ball while tagging others.
  • Encourage rapid changes of speed and direction. This will help them catch the other players by surprise.
  • Encourage players to attack while they have free hands, but when both hands are holding tagged body areas, they must employ defensive dribbling and go away from attackers.
  • Give players various dribbling moves, such as pull backs, step overs or quick feet.
  • Try These Variations

    1. Can only dribble with one foot. Use one sock up, the other down to help players remember.
    1. Can only use the inside of foot to dribble.
    2. Can only use the outside of foot to dribble.

    Drill List