Corner Goals

The Game

  • 8 v. 8 played on half of the field.
  • Set up 10 yard squares in each corner of the pitch. These act as goals.
  • Goals are scored when the ball is passed into the square and then out to a teammate.
  • Each team can attack any of the four goals.
  • Whoever has the ball is on offense, the other team defends.
  • Coaching Points

  • Keep the team balanced in attack and defense. Don't bunch up around one goal.
  • Look ot attack the goal that is open. see if players can recognize where pressure is coming from.
  • It should be easy to keep possession since the defense has to worry about so many goals, therefore, be patient in attack, do not take unnecessary risks.
  • In defense, look to create opportunities to double team.
  • Variations

  • Use two balls to open the game up.
  • Allow a goal if players dribble in, then out of the square.
  • Insist that "passing" goals involve three different players.
  • Limit players to two touches.

  • Drill List