Group Fitness

The Game

  • This is a group fitness game which involves a competition between two groups.
  • Group "A" is in the center circle. Each individual is doing a pre-prescribed exercise such as sit-ups or push-ups. One player from that group is running around the group as many times as they can. The amount of times around the group becomes the team score (the group can make the circle as small as they can). The count is stopped when team "B" completes their pre-assigned exercise.
  • At the same time, group "B" is chasing the ball that the coach has just punted. When they get to the ball, they have to complete an assigned task (ie: line up, pass the ball down the line going over the head, then under, then over again using their hands). When they are done with this task, group "A" stops counting.
  • The coach then has group "B" quickly get into the center circle and punts the ball for "A" to chase. See which team had the highest score.
  • Variations

  • The variety is in the exercises used (push-up, sit-ups, hill climbers, players crawling through the other player's legs, etc.)
  • Since it is a competition, the intensity is higher.
  • The coach must also raise the intensity of their voice to motivate players to work harder.

  • Drill List