Fitness Fun

The Game

  • Object of the game is to get four balls back to your team's corner.
  • You can only work at moving one ball at a time. You must dribble the ball back to the corner.
  • You can "steal" a ball from an opponent's corner.
  • Coaching Points

  • Since this is a competition, and fun, the players will not look at this session as a fitness exercise.
  • Since there are only 12 balls, players must steal from other groups.
  • Players need to keep their heads up and be aware of how the game is developing.
  • Variations

  • Let younger players use their hands to carry the ball first.
  • Let players steal the ball from their opponents while they are dribbling.
  • Fitness Progression

  • This activity would be for "fitness with the ball" at the "individual" level.
  • Pulse levels should be monitored throughout the exercise to determine if players are reaching maximum work levels.

  • Drill List