Foxes & Hunters

The Game

  • Players on the inside are "Foxes". Players on the outside are "Hunters".
  • Hunters dribble into the grid and try to dribble their ball into the Foxes so that it hits them below the knees.
  • If a Fox is hit, the Fox drops down to one knee and tries to kick the ball away from the Hunters that are dribbling by.
  • Once all of the Foxes are down, the teams switch roles.
  • Time each team. the team that "stays alive" longest wins.
  • Coaching Points

  • Discourage long range shooting at Foxes.
  • Try feinting at the Foxes, trying to make them jump into the air, then get them when they come down.
  • Work in pairs to try and corner elusive Foxes.

  • Drill List