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The Game

  • Player "C" starts on the endline and dribbles into Zone 1, trying to get past Defender "A".
  • If "A" steals the ball, "A" tries to dribble past "C" and over the end line.+
  • If "C" manages to get past "A", "C" continues through Zone 2 and tries to beat "B" over the end line.
  • If "B" steals the ball, he takes on Player "A" who has been waiting in Zone 1.
  • Coaching Points

  • Individual Attack and Defense
  • Attack: Try to unbalance defender, attack at pace, try to face the defender as much as possible, change pace and direction.
  • Defense: Try to channel the attacker towards the sideline, use sideline as a second defender.
  • Variations

  • Allow defender "A" to chase "C" into Zone 2 if beaten. "C" must then hold "A" off while at the same time moving towards player "B". This also makes "C" not give up on the ball after being beaten, teaching how to recover "goalside".

  • Drill List