Keeper Warm Up


  1. Have keeper start by skipping around the box, making self tosses.
    1. Hand to hand above head
    2. Behind the back, between legs, roll and retrieve, bounce and catch over
    3. Toss up, catch behind their own back. Toss from behind back, catch in front.
  2. Serve balls to keeper
    1. High balls..catch top half of ball, make the "W", foot movement
    2. Mid section.."tram rails", swallow ball, get body over ball.
    3. Lowballs...second barrier, variety of "pick up" techniques (square feet, one knee, one foot behind)
  3. Falling saves
    1. Sitting, kneeling, squatting, standing, flying.
    2. Ground is third hand, Move towards ball.
    3. Proper roll down technique (step, knee, hip, side...ball hits ground first)
  4. Progress to match related environments.

Rotate keepers at each progression!

Drill List