The Shooting Square

The Game

  • Set up game with 4 shooters (A, B, C & D), 4 Servers (corner passers) and 4 "Shaggers" (behind each goal).
  • Shooters A & B check towards opposite corners of the field, receive a pass from the server, turn and shoot with as few touches as possible.
  • After their shots are taken, shooters C & D repeat the sequence while A & B get ready to go again.
  • After a set time, shooters become shaggers, shaggers passers and passers shooters.
  • Coaching Points

  • Good shooting technique, ankle locked, toe pointed, hit top half of ball, proper follow through, plant foot pointing towards target, etc.
  • Variations

  • There are many possibilities, use your creativity.
  • After recieving the ball, shooter passes to a target at the other end of the field, who lays it back to the shooter, who then takes a one time shot on goal.
  • Play the ball to a server on the sideline who dribbles down the line and crosses it into the shooter.
  • Shooters and passers play a "give and go".

  • Drill List