Four Zones Game

The Game

A regular 11 v. 11 or 8 v. 8 scrimmage. Break the field into 4 horizontal zones. Award the defending team points when they win the ball back in a chosen zone. For example, the Blue team might be given 3 points for winning the ball back in the first zone, two points for the second zone, one point for the third zone and no points for the fourth zone. This can change depending on where the coach wants the team to try tp force the play

Coaching Points

  • Try to get the players t work together, collectively, as a unit, with all 11 players aware of the defensive plan.
  • Can the defending team control the attacking team, making them play the ball in a certain area of the field, and then winning the ball there.
  • Make sure you give defending agendas to both teams.

  • Drill List