Four Goals - End Line

The Game

4 v. 4. Each team defends two goals and attacks two goals. Having the goals on the end lines makes this game more realistic as it forces the attacking team to have more of a direction to their attack.

Coaching Points

Defending principles

  • Defending become particularly challenging since the defending team has two goals to defend, essentially turning this into a 6 v. 4 game.
  • It is a good idea to allow each team to decide by themselves, at first, where they are going to try to win the ball. In other words, are they going to challenge the ball all over the field, or will they hang back and try to only defend the space close to their own goals?
  • Can they "channel" the ball into certain areas of the field to gain possession.
  • Can they apply enough pressure on the ball to limit the first attacker's options, and make the play predictable.
  • A good session for U-12 players and above.

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