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Currently, most US soccer clubs are using small-sided games with children under the age of 10 (including U10, U8, and U6 or Micro).

Other than goal size, field size, and game length being smaller, the main difference is that there are less players on the field at once and thus, each team has less players on the roster.

In most places where small-sided soccer is being used U10 teams will usually have 8 or 9 players on the field with 4-6 subs. U8 teams normally have 4-6 players on the field, usually with 3 subs, and many clubs won't have a goalie, although many coaches will play a defender who can't use his/her hands. In addition the score might be kept, but usually not the league standings. With the U6, or Micro teams, there are usually 3 players on the field, with 2-3 subs, no goalie, and no score is kept.

If your club is not using small-sided games for kids this age, you may want to suggest it. It might mean increasing the number of teams, so coaches could be a problem, but the fewer players on the field, the more each child will be able to touch the ball. In turn, the more a child touches the ball, the faster and better they will learn.

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