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Here's Another One....
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  Nickname: JohnF
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Posted: 12/2/2008 4:52pm
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  Happy  Here's Another One....  
I liked Brianm's suggestion in the last thread that we try to get some traffic back here. Here's another "what would you have done" scenario which, hopefully, will spark some more debate.

This one happened just about 2 weeks ago, and I'm still not sure I did the right thing. It was a premier flight match, with the away team having traveled pretty far from another part of the state.

The visitors engaged in gamesmanship before the match, and attempted it again prior to the second (I stepped in at that point to quickly start the half). The away parents were also very beligerent, both toward the officiating crew and the opposing players and spectators from the start.

In the first half, I verbally warned an away player for entering the field without my permission. I elected not to caution.

In the second half, I awarded a free kick to the home team in the midfield area. Before the kick was taken, 2 players started throwing elbows at each other. I spoke to both of them sternly, which brought howls from the away spectators. They also began screaming to their players to "break their legs" and other such things.

At that point I decided I was going to treat this just like a U-16B game, and the next player to do anything was going to get carded. It didn't take long, as a visting player running past me gave one of those "And that wasn't pushing?" remarks.

I whistled, and while the parents screamed "Don't you dare!" I showed the yellow. That seemed to calm things down, and the game proceeded without further incident.

Now the kicker: This was a U-11G match! While I've seen U-11 parents go wild before, I had never before seen any problems with the players.

So let me throw out the question: What would you do?

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  Nickname: Brianm
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Posted: 12/2/2008 5:09pm
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  Re: Here's Another One....  
Just what you did. A couple of well placed cards always seem to calm things down. In the league you were reffing are the coaches held accountable for the behavior of their fans? If so a talk with both coaches at half time would be in order. I hope you wrote this behavior up, if there is that avenue to go down.

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  Nickname: ref47
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Posted: 12/3/2008 5:57am
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  Re: Here's Another One....  
as soon as the sidelines start advocating violence on the pitch - a loud warning to all that it stops or the sidelines will be cleared. if it continues, clear the sidelines. if they do not leave within 1 minute, abandon the match.

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  Nickname: GaryV
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Posted: 12/3/2008 7:26pm
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  Re: Here's Another One....  
I think I had that team this year! I couldn't believe the lip I was getting from some of the players. One girl was this far :--: from getting a caution for dissent.

The coach took issue on a call by my AR - a recent college graduate with several years experience, not a young kid - on whether the ball was out of play or not. Shushing had no effect, so he got a caution for his dissent. Less than a minute later, the ball went soaring halfway to the next time zone and the coach turns to my AR: "Was that out?" Second dissent, you're dismissed. Coach decides he needs to clean up his practice cones. I tell him we're waiting for him to leave, he can pick up after the game is over. He makes it clear he's not going to leave until he's good and ready, so I terminate the game. What a lot of fun over whether the ball was out of play or not. I sure found out where the girls got their attitude.

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  Nickname: keith__286
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Posted: 12/6/2008 11:30am
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  Re: Here's Another One....  
My opinion: the INSTANT I hear anyone in the crowd advocating violence, play stops and this is dealt with, whatever it takes. It seems some of the absolute worst parents and coaches I've had over the years are U10-u12. Treat them as they need to be treated without regard to their age. If anything, I'd be much more harsh with an 11 year old mouthing off to me than a 16 year old

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  Nickname: RefFormerlyKnownAsVancouverDave

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Posted: 12/10/2008 5:11pm
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  Exclamation  Re: Here's Another One....  
In these soggy northwestern bogs, a call from spectators for leg-breaking would easily earn the parent a ban from attending his or her own child's games. That ban would be enforced and monitored by the State Youth Soccer Association.

Now, you have to read the nuances of any live scenario, which we can't do in this forum. (Some subtleties of human interaction aren't evident in ASCII text.) But the encouragement of violence is considered a threat here, and I would NOT be selectively deaf to those kinds of comments.

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