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Need Your Help
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  Nickname: Ciscooh
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Posted: 10/30/2008 6:30pm
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  Need Your Help  
One of the organizations I ref for quite a bit has asked me to research information relative to some sort of parent conduct or behavior code that parents would read and sign.

So I come to you for your help. If anyone has such a form/letter or knows where one is available could you please provide me such information.

Thank You!

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  Nickname: ref47
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Posted: 10/31/2008 6:04am
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  Re: Need Your Help  
from the us youth soccer site:

Referees, Coaches and Parents: Role Models for Life

REFEREES: What can they do to make the game of soccer better for the players?
1.        Know the Law and the rules.
2.        Be professional; i.e. on time, in proper uniform, prepared, fit, etc.
3.        Study the game and the spirit of soccer.
4.        Attend meetings, clinics, and seminars.
5.        Show respect to players, coaches, parents and spectators.
6.        Explain rules, when needed.
7.        Help less experienced referees.
8.        Play the game to better understand it.
9.        Seek evaluation from coaches/players.
10.        Be assessed regularly.
11.        Smile and enjoy the game.
12.        Be firm, fair and honest.
13.        Be consistent.
14.        Accept only the number and level of assignments that can be done well.
15.        Be neutral.
16.        Know and use proper procedures.
17.        Always remain calm.
18.        Take each game seriously.
19.        Implement good management techniques
20.        Show courage and confidence; avoid arrogance.

COACHES: What can they do to make the game of soccer more enjoyable for the players and easier for the referee to manage?
1.        Take a course on the Laws.
2.        Be accepting of the referee's decisions.
3.        Remain calm.
4.        Do not make loud, offensive remarks.
5.        Concentrate on coaching, rather than on the accuracy of referee's decisions.
6.        Be a role model of fair play.
7.        Be positive; avoid confrontation with any official
8.        During games, leave the decisions to the players.
9.        Attend coaching classes to learn the most effective ways to conduct practices.
10.        Give good guidelines to parents.
11.        Set high standards.
12.        Be firm with parents at games.
13.        Teach skills and fair tactics.
14.        Discourage unfair gamesmanship.
15.        Communicate with parents often in meetings and social gatherings.
16.        Play the game and encourage parents to play and to referee.
17.        Referee games.
18.        Delegate responsibilities.

PARENTS: What can parents do to make the game of soccer more enjoyable for their children and other people's kids, too?
1.        Be knowledgeable of the game.
2.        Encourage fair play at home.
3.        Be supportive; i.e. be sure the player attends practices; pick him/her up on time.
4.        Attend games.
5.        Be positive or quiet at games.
6.        Be respectful; expect your own children to be respectful.
7.        Focus on good nutrition.
8.        Volunteer to help the coach.
9.        Become a referee.
10.        Play the game of soccer.
11.        Be calm and have good manners.
12.        Support the coach's and referee's decisions.
13.        Encourage communication between coach and parent.
14.        Ask your own children to describe his/her role, what new skills have been learned.
15.        Watch practices; focus on new strategies
16.        Find soccer videos, watch them with children.
17.        Concentrate on praising other people's children during games.
18.        Read newspaper articles about older soccer player's successes; provide models for your own children.
Soccer ... the game for kids!
What role should the referee, coach and parents play?

REFEREES, COACHES and PARENTS together have an enormous impact on the lives of thousands of youth soccer players in the United States. How can we best serve the interest of these players?
This pamphlet was created in response to an overwhelming number of questions asked about how the "adults" can positively impact soccer players. While each parent must be accountable for his actions and teach his own son or daughter to do the same, referees, coaches and parents form a trio of role models from which many of our young men and women learn behaviors that they will carry into adulthood. Cooperation, respect and maturity among the adults in soccer will encourage those qualities in the players.
Joint parent/referee/coach workshops offer perhaps the best opportunity for these role models to get together to learn more about developing skills to provide positive support for youth players.

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  Nickname: NJ_Dash_Ref
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Posted: 11/4/2008 4:56pm
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  Re: Need Your Help  
Here is a link to the SAGE (Set A Good Example) Program. I hope this helps.

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  Nickname: CPAref
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Posted: 11/5/2008 11:51am
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  Re: Need Your Help  
Here's one from the Iowa Soccer Association:

Most of the clubs in the area feature "codes of conduct" posted on their web sites, similar to what has been noted in other responses. Of course, many also have "no pet" notices, and those are ignored too!

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  Nickname: keith__286
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Member Since: 12/19/03

Posted: 12/20/2008 8:55pm
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  Re: Need Your Help  
Don't know how I missed this post earlier. It's been my experience talking with many soccer people across the country that most areas be they clubs or state associations have codes of conduct for referees, coaches, and parents. It seems the only ones that pay attention to these guidelines are the referees. I am happy to say that there seems to be a trend where local authorities will criminalize particularly bad behavior by spectators. But, in my obviously biased opinion, the problem is the coaches. The parents will mimic and feed off the coaches at every age group and all skill levels. Part of the problem lies in the Leagues that appear to assume that the relationship between referees and coaches has to be adversarial. My local club wouldn't let me address the preseason coaches meeting to go over rule changes because they felt the mere presence of a referee would cause hard feelings! An AR shouldn't even have to ask a coach to stay off the touchline. It's not just common courtesy but common sense that the AR has to be able to see the line in order to tell if the ball is in or out. Of course when the coach turns and starts to yell at you for missing an out ball it's gratifying to be able to say "If you were where you're supposed to be maybe I could actually see the ball." I don't have the answers but a nice start would be for state associations to require local clubs or whomever is responsible for the fields to mark a technical area. Another step would be to have a rule handout written by referees for coaches and parents outlining what the rules are and why they exist. It could be done in a polite, professional manner. Part of the problem is of our own making in we don't teach what is expected as to behavior

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  Nickname: Brianm
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Posted: 1/2/2009 8:20pm
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  Another part of the problem is  
refs. Speaking as a coach that respects the job refs do and I believe that the refs I get respect me also. Part of the problem is that senior refs rarely ever admonish coaches, players or fans for sideline behavior. If these senior refs would speak up then maybe the newbie refs/ARs would not have to put up with what they do. I also agree that coaches are the leaders and if they treat refs with respect their players and parents will also.

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