So. Cal. Rebels Org.: Welcome

Sunday, March 18
Welcome to the House of the Rebels please sign our guest book.

The Southern California Rebels 18u Gold Organization Program is a premier America Softball Association (ASA) and Premier Girls Fastpitch (PGF) Fast Pitch Travel Softball Organization based out of Corona, CA and the surrounding areas. Our roster is comprised of the top High School talent. 

The Southern California Rebels 18u Gold Organization is dedicated to providing an organized and structured environment that promotes confidence building principles. The Southern California Rebels offers loyalty, respect, opportunities to excel, and player development.

We are committed to providing our players with the skills needed to ensure their growth as athletes on the field and as outstanding citizens off the field. Our young ladies are highly motivated to excel in softball through dedicated hard work, while forming lasting friendships. Our goal for every season is to keep players fine tuned throughout the year. 

We participate in the most exposed showcases, and then advance on towards USA/ASA National Tournament participation at the end of July. Our coaching staff is determined to teach the best fundamentals, increasing their knowledge of the game and to showcase their talents among the best competition.

 2018 Circle City Showcase tournament 16u/18u/18Gold

 For information please contact Ernie Marez951-377-3364, or,

Spring training every thursday at the Hitting Pros 6:00-8:30

So. Cal. Rebels 18u Gold Rules:
Work hard,
Play hard,
Play as a team, win as a team.
Back your team mates game
Rebels never quit
Win or lose, leave everything on the field.  

Players/Parents check your e-mail for updated weekly announcements.

Synergy Training/Hitting at The Hitting Pro every Thursday  6:00p-9:00p

 The key to the game of softball is "Focus". Fastpich Softball is 85% Mental.

The Ability to focus dead on, to sense what lies ahead, is the key to a successful life.

Southern Califorina Rebels Gold coaching staff: Manager/Head Coach Ernie Marez, Assistant Head Coach, Oscar Tapia, Art Baltierra, Brent Andrews, Jenev Boyd-Team Coordinator-Recruiting Liason 

5 Levels of Commitment
1. I'll think about it. (Low Level)
2. I'll try. (Weasel Level)
3. I'll do what I can. (Partial Truth)
4. I'll do what'/s expected.
    (And not a thing more)
5. I'll do whatever it takes to get the job done (The highest Level)

The Rebels are based out of Corona, CA.

Any question or if you would like to try out for our team please contact Ernie Marez, President/Manager e-mail, or cell 951-377-3364
Thank you
and Good Luck

NCAA Clearing House:

Contact Rebels President/Manager

ASA So. Cal. Players assoc