So Cal Ballers: Welcome

SCB Academy

Welcome to Southern California Ballers Academy an elite basketball travel team organization. We are a nonprofit organization located in San Diego. Our purpose is to help children take their game to the next level. SCB Academy is dedicated to providing youth ages 10u - 17u with an opportunity to improve their team and individual skills so that they may eventually be successful playing at the high school and college levels.


Our mission is for kids to develop to their fullest potential not only in basketball but as young adults. We follow John Wooden's philosophy of success: "Success is peace of mind which can be attained through self satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the very best you are capable of becoming." By modeling characteristics of responsible citizens and focusing on the development of the whole person our kids will be successful in attaining their goals not only as basketball players; but, as well rounded, self confident and productive human beings.

We are based in San Diego, but have teams throughout California
Handout: Winter Basketball Showcase